Home improvement ideas that will boost your family’s health

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July 3, 2017
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Our guess is that your family’s health is your top one priority. Especially in families with small children, homeowners must take special measures for a healthy living environment. However, there are many unknown health hazards present in households across the world. Mould, dry air and dirty tap water, they are all dangers none of us really thinks about as a health hazard. However, they have a negative effect on both children’s and adult’s health. Many think that having a water ionizer is a life saver, because of multiple health-related reasons. However, discerning between great products and mediocre ones has never been easy. Those interested in such products could check this link and find out what their options in terms of such products are. However, below we have a comprehensive list of home gadgets and improvements that might save your family’s health.

1. Water ionizers

As previously mentioned, water ionizers are truly a great investment for all families. Tap water is not the cleanest available out there. And while you can easily use bottled water for drinking, you still need clean and fresh water for cooking, doing your dishes and washing fruits and vegetables. The main reasons why all households should have such devices are quite simple:

  • You’ll have a safe water source – these intelligent devices will give you fresh, clean, chlorine-free drinking water. They will eliminate all bacteria and chlorine-free water tastes considerably better than regular tap water. The only difference will be that you won’t have to buy bottle water ever again.
  • Ionized water will help you to hydrate better – because during the filtering process water molecules become smaller, alkaline ionized water will penetrate the cells easier. This means that your body will need smaller amounts of water to be properly hydrated.
  • It prevents ageing – alkaline ionized water has molecular properties that will slow down cellular ageing, which will help you to have better-looking skin and a younger body.

2. Air purifiers

Chances are that one of your friends already suggested investing in an air purifier. If you wonder what the benefits of investing in such a device are, you should know that they are highly recommended if:

  • You have diverse allergies or respiratory problems– especially if you have pets, chances for your air to contain dander are quite high. Luckily, air purifiers have the capacity to eliminate dander in an efficient way. Also, those with respiratory problems such as asthma will notice a great improvement of their health.
  • You have a smelly home – an air purifier will certainly help you to get rid of unpleasant smells, including cigarette smoke. This comes as a great improvement, especially for those families with smokers or that live nearby a smoker.

These might be the most useful devices homeowners could invest in, for the simple purpose of boosting their and their family’s health. These are affordable ideas that will save you plenty of money invested in medical bills and pills.

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