5 Advantages of Growing Plants with Led Grow Lights

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January 5, 2015
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In these modern times, only the most revolutionary of creations make it in becoming popular and used, and led grow lights make no exception.
They have increased in popularity rapidly and they keep on growing due to the advantages they bring for those who raise plants in greenhouses or indoors.
If you aren’t sure about using led grow lights yet, take a look at the following 5 advantages that using them to grow your plants bring, and you’ll definitely acquire them for your own use as well.

1. Energy efficient

Led grow lights are huge energy savers for those who grow their plants indoors or in greenhouses, because the plants need light to grow, and by using led grow light you save up to 80% more energy than you would by using HID, CFL, or incandescent lights.
This reason makes led grow lights the weapon of choice of any plant lover of farmer, saving the people who use them a ton of money, and protecting the environment from energy waste as well.

2. Increased lifetime

As opposed to any other method of lighting, led grow lights have an enormous lifetime, being able to last up to 100000 hours if they are operating all the time, and twice as much if they operate half-time.
Only because of this single reason they should be the method of choice, being more convenient due to the fact that they require a lot less maintenance, and they are an investment which you make at least once every 11 years, making them worth every penny.
They should be used especially by those who use greenhouses to raise their plants, because they need a source of lighting that runs continuously for the plants and flowers to grow.

3. Light, not heat

Too much heat will inevitably damage the plants, and all the other methods of lighting except for led grow lights emit a lot of heat while they are lighting.
By using led technology to grow your beloved plants, you provide them with far less heat while lighting them, ensuring that the plants and flowers are receiving everything they need to grow healthy and live long.

4. Targeted wavelengths

In order for plants grown indoors or in greenhouses to grow healthy, they need the right temperature and light.
Led grow lights are the only ones capable of giving the plants exactly what they need as they grow, because they can be regulated and controlled to reach the optimal chlorophyll absorbtion, which occurs between 400-500 nm, and 600-700 nm.

5. Flexible design

Led grow lights have flexible designs, giving the user more possibilities, as opposed to other methods of lighting which aren’t as flexible.
Led illumination can be used as multilayer vertical systems, ceiling lights, and inter-lighting designs between plants, making them the ideal choice for greenhouse lighting.

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