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As a soon to be college student, you most certainly are wondering how you can make a smooth transition to the student lifestyle. While many perceive the process to be quite a difficult one, others couldn’t be more thrilled about something like this. Truth be told, this is the beginning of the adult life, and accommodating smoothly to it will influence greatly your relationship with your new status. If living in a dorm room does not fit your philosophy regarding adult lifestyle, then you must consider finding a 4 bedroom student accommodation in Newcastle and sharing it with some of your friends, for a smoother experience. But enough with the chit-chat, below we have some great tips to make your journey more enjoyable.

1. Find the right accommodation facility

If you want to adapt to the adult lifestyle, then you certainly want to avoid dorm rooms. Search for agencies specialised in finding the best accommodation facilities and collaborate with them. Some of these apartments or houses have all the necessary things for a decent, even more than this, relaxing lifestyle. Some of these facilities are fully equipped with TV stations, fully equipped kitchens, some come even with gyms and private study rooms, cinema rooms and living areas. As you can see, a student could easily live a decent adult life in such facilities. If you think that the prices are too high, you couldn’t be more wrong. Agencies like FindSpace Newcastle are not regular letting agencies and they don’t require enormous deposits. Furthermore, you can split the costs with some of your friends or colleagues, because frankly speaking, a four bedroom house is kind of large for a single student.

2. Learn how to do your laundry

While living at home, doing the laundry may have been your last concern. But since you will be living without your parents, it’s a good thing to know how to properly do it. After all, no student has the necessary money to replace weekly their entire wardrobe, because they are unable to wash their clothes properly. Learn how to sort your clothing items before washing them, how to read the washing instructions and how to select the right washing machine program. They will certainly come in handy.

3. Learn how to cook

Microwaving some popcorn doesn’t count as cooking, and it is unlikely to live by eating only popcorn. Learn how to boil some pasta, how to make some simple sauces for it. Also, follow on Facebook and Instagram, and even on YouTube cooking channels. They will come in handy. Many of them have easy to put into practice recipes and some of them are even inexpensive to prepare. This will save you from health issues and unnecessary expenses. Cooking for yourself is always more affordable than eating out.

These are three simple pieces of advice all students should look into when moving for college. Follow them for an easy transition to your adult life.

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