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November 7, 2017
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While battling wrinkles many individuals have found that you don’t have to slice, cut and sew in order to achieve a flawless visage. In fact, you only need a great cosmetic clinic, some consultation sessions and a good expert in non-invasive procedures in order to achieve a perfect skin. And luckily, these treatments are affordable and pain-free, which makes them perfect for the less courageous ones out there. Below we have some of the most popular procedures for various skin issues.

1. Dark under eye circles

This is a common issue of our age, mainly caused by sleep deprivation, toxins and chaotic eating patterns. However, there are some clinics specialised in anti wrinkle treatments Oxford located, able to deliver amazing results in terms of non-invasive treatment. Hyaluronic acid fillers are very popular due to their effectiveness, and other options show comparable results as well. For instance, the Juvederm injections are based on hyaluronic acid and a type of sugar enzyme that naturally occurs in the body and is the standard procedure for which individuals of all ages go for treating their dark circles. You must know that before the injection itself, on the treated area will be applied a numbing cream, which will make the pain impossible to feel. After the injection, many patients experiment a little redness that shortly disappears. The results will be visible for up to 9 months and since these injections stimulate the natural collagen production, you are very likely to need less the next time!

2. Nose or mouth wrinkles

These fine expression lines seem to be hated by men and women equally. There are plenty of interventions that can fix these lines, some of the most popular being the Botox ones, like the ones by Lumière Medispa Oxford. Prior to the intervention, you need a consultation with a specialist in the matter, a specialist able to customise your treatment so it will show maximum results. During this part, you will be required to offer accurate information regarding your medical history and your aesthetic needs, information on which the strategy will be developed. These injections are not painful, and the Botox toxin will only relax the muscles responsible with wrinkle formation. This may be the safest intervention of this kind, but make sure to opt for a reputable clinic and avoid shady places.

3. Age spots

In time, there appears hyperpigmentation. Skin peels are the answer for this issue. Although television is popularizing the idea that these interventions are harsh on the skin, this is only the case of deep-skin peels have such reactions. Specialists recommend surface and medium depth peelings as a great solution for age spots.

These are some popular skin issues and their solutions. Make sure to search for a reliable provider, in order to benefit from the best results and prevent infections. A great tip would be to search for reviews online for various facilities of this kind and select based on those.


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