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December 26, 2017
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Wondering what car could have the biggest impact when driving it on the streets? You just found your answer: the new Porsche Cayenne. There is nothing more impressive than an SUV that hosts so much power and also got the looks. In case you are still doubting the capability of this luxurious car, then the specs of it will make you settle down in a minute. It is an expensive car, and this is the reason why Porsche Cayenne 2018 at Edmunds might be a good option for you. Even though the price is quite high, the driving experience with this Porsche model will surely be worth it. Read below a series of specs and features that make the Cayenne a wanted car:

Basic features – engine, transmission, mechanics

The four-doored SUV comes equipped with an amazing 3.6L turbocharged V6 engine which is more than ideal for this size of a car. It can easily reach up to 450 horsepower and it comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission besides. If that does not sound enticing, then you are not a real car passionate person. The twin-turbo engine has a gasoline direct injection fuel system and the net torque reaches up to 450 at 1700 RPM.

Since it is an SUV, the suspension is a Double Wishbone in the front and a Multi-Link in the back. The axle type on this Porsche is now independent. The Cayenne also impresses with its driver-selectable mode transmission and the oil cooler next to it. What’s great is that Porsche introduced a driver sports control ride with tuned adaptive suspension and an automatic height control. Plus, don’t forget about the driveline traction control, very useful with SUVs.

Details – comfort, entertainment, specials

Reaching details, the Cayenne rocks a ten-speaker surround system with their official Porsche Communication Management radio and an HD touchscreen display. The resistant, high-quality glass on the display makes it really hard to scratch or break. The car comes equipped with Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and iPod interfaces and a 40 GB internal memory system altogether. The controls are next to the steering wheel, which makes them extremely accessible. Another comfortable feature would be the remote keyless entry with the illuminated ignition switch and the panic button. This Cayenne model also includes a leather door trim insert and FOB controls. When it comes to details and specials, the Cayenne makes the difference between a regular and a luxury car in an instant.

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