Are Mobility Scooters Better Than Electric Wheelchairs?

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Decreased mobility is a problem that mainly affects old people because of the diseases they suffer from that come along with aging, like arthritis. They aren’t the only ones affected though, because decreased mobility targets people of all ages that suffer from different afflictions. For example, due to medical problems, there are people who suffer from obesity that can’t walk on their own for more than a few steps, needing a mobility device in order to live a normal life. Mobility scooters are gaining more popularity over other mobility devices like electric wheelchairs, but are they truly a better option? Read the following lines in order to find out if they are indeed the better choice for people who have decreased mobility.

Higher speeds

Mobility scooters have the advantage of speed over the electric wheelchairs, an advantage that sets them ahead because they can get the person to the desired destination a lot faster. While it’s true that there are electric wheelchairs that can reach high speeds as well, the models that reach those speeds come at a very high price as opposed to mobility scooters.

If you read some mobility scooter reviews on, you will see that a quality mobility scooter can reach the amazing speed of 5 miles per hour, making the trips the person will go on with its use take less time, and due to the fact that it’s maneuvered exactly like a scooter, it feels much safer to use.

A great mobility scooter, when it comes to speed, is the Spitfire EX, which comes at the price of $1000. This mobility scooter reaches the maximum speed of 5 miles per hour at a much more reasonable price than the KD Smart Chair, which is an electric wheelchair that may be able to reach the same speed, but it does this for twice as much money.

Better for carrying

When it comes to carrying groceries or any other things around, mobility scooters are far better than electric wheelchairs. This is because most models come with a basket in the front in which you can deposit your groceries or whatever you are carrying. Even if the mobility scooter you want doesn’t have a basket to store your items in, you can still hang the bags in which you carry the items on the handles of the scooter, and they can be transported easily wherever you need.

Better operating range

Mobility scooters have a better operating range than electric wheelchairs, and this is an important difference between the two mobility devices when it comes to using them outside the perimeter of your house. For example, the Shoprider Sunrunner, which costs only $1300 has an impressive and useful operating range of 25 miles. This means that the battery of this mobility device can get you a long way with a single charge, making it safe for you to use it when you need to go shopping or visiting other people who live far from you.

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