Are you a pet owner? Here’s how to be a responsible one

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July 29, 2022
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Our pets are the most beloved to us as owners. We dedicate our time and resources to caring for our furry friends, but sometimes it might get overwhelming to provide them with the best health services. So, this is how to be a better owner without having to spend too much money.

Prevention is better than cure

If you’re afraid of health complications for your pet, it’s best to be preventive and check their condition regularly with your vet. If you don’t have enough time for making appointments, you can have a dyrlege på nett, where you’ll download the app, register yourself and your animal and get remote help from a certified vet.


Plus, the app allows you to go through plenty of articles that can help you discover some early signs of any illness. Communicating with your vet will also help you cut costs, save time, and get help with prescriptions.


If you want to make sure you eliminate potential health risks, it’s best to provide your pet with clean water and nutritious food, take them on regular walks and stick to their prescribed medication (if they have any). In the hotter weather, ensure they don’t burn their paws on the ground and care for their ears in the winter.


Obvious signs of illness

Sometimes, symptoms of health issues in pets can be difficult to notice. But most of the time, in common illnesses, you’ll be able to find out that your pet is sick by watching their behavior. For example, if your dog is usually active, happy and energetic, and there’s a sudden change in how they act, you should check in with your doctor.


Other times, your dog might have dårlig ånde hund, which may be a sign of dental disease, one of the most common problems in dogs. But bleeding from the gums and excessive drooling can signify gingivitis, so you should carefully watch what they do. 


On the other hand, cats’ most common health problem is hyperthyroidism, which is signaled by a sudden increased appetite. Or, if your cat is suddenly less active, they might experience breathing problems due to upper respiratory infections. But if your cat drinks more water than usual, it might indicate the risk of kidney diseases, thyroid problems or diabetes. 


The importance of pet insurance

The best way to take care of your pet is to have pet insurance because you’ll be free from unexpected costs. You’ll only have to pay a small amount of money per month, and the clinic will usually cover most health problems, from accidents, diagnostic treatments and hospitalization to emergency care.


If you’re looking for dyrlegevakt Trondheim, know that you can always count on the staff, as vets are usually caring and will always want to help animals, no matter their size and bread.


Otherwise, make sure you thoroughly check the clinic’s requirements, services and reviews from other people to be confident about where you take your furry friend. 




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