Are you having plumbing issues? Look out for the following signs

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May 10, 2018
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Various factors can have a subtle, yet powerful, effect on your lifestyle. Plumbing issues are a great example. Although ignored by homeowners, plumbing issues like dripping taps lead to increased utility bills, broken pipes, and frustration. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know if you’re dealing with a serious problem. If you identify any of the following signs, then you have a plumbing problem on your hands.

Low water pressure

The shower is disappointing and the toilet does take some time to flush. Clearly, there is low water pressure in your home. Plumbers Bishop’s Stortford will tell you that low water pressure is caused by clogged pipes. If the pipes are new, then there must be a leak somewhere. Or the pipes are the wrong size. Low water pressure is at the same time annoying and inconvenient. Don’t even think about troubleshooting on your own. It’s best to have a plumber fix the problem. This is an issue that only a professional can solve.

There is water where it shouldn’t be

A water leak can cause a great deal of damage. The tiniest of leaks can cause structural damage. Do you have wet walls? Well, you shouldn’t. it’s normal to have condensation in the bathroom, especially after a long shower, but it’s not normal to have damp or slick walls.  This is the sign of a big problem. Dripping pipes can pass slowly through walls, creating perfect conditions for mould growth. Water damage can occur virtually everywhere, including the basement, bedroom, and living room. The good news is that you’re not the only one dealing with this issue. Many homeowners have plumbing problems.

Brown water coming from the faucet 

The tap water is coming out brown. There is no reason to worry because the water will clear out on its own after a few minutes. But what if it doesn’t? Or of the discoloration is only at one faucet? You guessed it, you have a plumbing issue. Maybe the water heater needs to be replaced. Alternatively, too much rust has accumulated in the pipes. In this case, the pipes have to be replaced. Brown water isn’t toxic or dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that you should drink it. Rusty water breeds all kinds of bacteria. Experts at Five Oax Plumbing & Heating recommend that you get the pipes replaced immediately.

Lack of hot water

One of the worst possible things that you can experience is the lack of hot water. Say you want to take a shower or you want to wash a precious piece of clothing by hand. You can’t do anything if you don’t have hot water. If you turn the hot water on and get cold water instead, you’re in a bad situation. The problem is most likely with the water heater, which has a leak. There is no better time than now to call a plumber. The issue may be easy to fix, yet you shouldn’t attempt to tackle it yourself. It’s better to let a professional do the job.

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