Are Your Special Skills and Attributes Pre-Determined? Experts Say They are

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Everybody dreams of having a set of special skills. Super-hero-like skills, but how can you find out, if you’re not a comics books’ character, if you have such traits. Well, at-home DNA test kits are luckily a thing now, and these can give you plenty of information on those Inherent Attributes that are predominantly active in you. Is your intelligence above average? Is your skeletal system an incredibly strong one? Well, you can find out all these details with the help of the coolest innovation of our era: DNA home testing kits.

How do these kits work?

Of course, you can always read more info on dedicated websites, but in an overly-simplified explanation, these tests work by taking a bit of your saliva on a cotton swab and taking it at a specialised laboratory. And by doing so, you can find plenty of information on your ancestors, your special traits and maybe something about your future. Keep in mind that such tests may reveal a series of potential conditions to which you are predisposed and taking such tests may potentially save your life! The process is a simple one, and you can manage it all with ease by following the instructions included in your kit.

What “superhero powers” can be identified?

There are three main coordinates in your DNA that can be revealed following a test like this: Inherent Strength Attribute, Inherent Intelligence Attribute and Inherent Speed Attribute. Depending on the results you are more inclined to have above-average or “superhuman” powers.

The Inherent Strength attribute will show a more developed muscular system, that is capable to face more challenges, require less recovery time and so on. This means that you, as a person, have a stronger muscular system than the average person, which makes you particular and unique. Same in the case of the Inherent Intelligence sequence. If you show higher than average markers, you are one of the few humans with an extraordinary intelligence, logical capabilities and emotional intelligence as well. The Inherent Speed Attribute will show you that your skeletal system is far more resilient and better adapted to effort than the average human, which makes you once again, a little bit more inclined to be a “superhero”.

How many options are there available on the market when it comes to DNA kits?

You’re in luck, because there are plenty of reliable kits which you can use. From Ancestry23 and Me and Orig3n, there are available a variety of home DNA tests which will offer you plenty of precious data in regards of who you truly are and what attributes should you work on developing further. If you’re interested in such information, visit one of those reliable review platforms and get your information from there. The editors there always check the tests on themselves before writing a review.

These are some things that you can find out with the help of at-home DNA tests. Make sure to only invest in those reliable products available on the market.

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