Ashley Vivingstone

October 2, 2018

Humans vs robots – Progress or end of humanity? – Will AI Replace Workers?

Whilst it's not uncommon to hear that robots will take over humans one day, that argument is very limited. There's no doubt that they are becoming more intelligent but that doesn't mean that the human race will come to an end. If we want to evolve, we have to work in harmony of robots. Each new year, there are numerous innovative robots that are being developed and we have to accept that we are becoming smarter too.
January 2, 2016

Pros and Cons of Microwave Cooking

Microwave ovens are comfortable to use and they can minimize the time you spend cooking or defrosting the food, which is why most people use them. On the other hand, microwave ovens also have their disadvantages and people should use them carefully. In this article, you will discover some of the pros and cons of microwave ovens that you should pay attention to.
December 14, 2015

Best and Worst 2015 Radar Detectors

Drivers who often receive speeding tickets because they liked to push the speed pedal too far will be very interested in discovering which are the best radar detectors of this year, so they will know on which they can rely for avoiding speeding tickets the next year. It's also good to know which model is not very reliable so you can make the best purchase, so read this article to find out which are the best and the worst 2015 radar detectors.
December 11, 2015

Toaster Oven Vs. Traditional Oven

If you are not sure which one is best and can offer better results in baking, broiling, or roasting, then you should read this article on toaster ovens and traditional ovens. It will show you the differences between these two ovens and will help you decide which one is right for your cooking needs.
November 29, 2015

Ideal Locations for Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras should be installed in key places that enable them to have a clear and full view on your property. If you are planning on installing a home security camera but you are not sure which are the best spots to place them, you should read this article and discover which of the places we have presented best suit your needs.
October 1, 2015

Keep Your Seniors Healthy by Installing a Stair Lift in Their Home

Considering that seniors are becoming more prone to accidents and diseases as their body becomes weaker, they should look for ways to maintain their health and safety. If you have a senior to take care of, you should consider installing a stair lift in their home so they will be kept safe from accidents and injuries caused by falling down the stair or the physical effort.
September 23, 2015

Make Your Life Easier with a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are an excellent way of limiting the effort you put in cleaning the floors at home thanks to the features and technologies it uses, which allow it to perform the cleaning without any help from you. Replace the regular vacuum cleaner with a robot vacuum and you will manage to make your life much easier.
September 21, 2015

Get the Cleanest Pool with the Help of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner can ease your household chores and can change the way you used to clean your pool. All you have to do is drop it in the pool without even emptying the water and you will have a clean pool with no effort. The robotic pool cleaner will handle the entire pool while you relax or use your time for other activities.
August 24, 2015

How Can Using an Air Purifier Improve Your Health

Air purifiers are good at capturing airborne particles that can endanger your health in case you inhale them while breathing, so you can say that using an air purifier is an essential way of improving your health. It can limit the allergies, it can ease asthma, and it can improve your life by offering you clean and fresh air to breathe.
April 10, 2015

How to Choose Between a Foil and a Rotary Shaver

Shaving is an important part of a man's personal care routine and is,perhaps, the one that requires the most attention, so the shaver used must be of the highest quality. Nowadays, the most popular are the rotary and the foil shaver, but men still find it hard discovering which one best suits them, so this article containing details on both should come in handy.