Bathroom remodel: imbue your personal sanctuary with modern elements

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April 10, 2018
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Modern home design is easily recognizable due to its popularity and distinctive elements, which include open spaces and prominent windows, pieces of furniture with clean lines, practical and simple tables, bare surfaces to avoid visually overwhelming items crowded in a single area and subtle decorations. If the interiors of your home contain green plants, neutral colors and vintage accents, then rejoice because you managed to infuse something of that welcoming style into your personal space. If you want to embrace the modern movement entirely then make sure that you fade that line between the interior and the exterior of your house by adding a glass door or tearing down the wall between your living room and your garden. It will allow the natural light and the fresh air to come in and create a more relaxed feel. Even though you must choose neutral colors for big elements, you can add vibrant colors here and there to work as subtle accents. You want to avoid darkness and small spaces that create a feeling of suffocation.

Do not neglect your bathroom décor: it makes a big difference

We bet that you focused your entire attention on living room, bedroom and kitchen, but neglected entirely the bathroom. This represents a huge mistake that homeowners usually make. In case they decide to remodel that particular space at some point in the future, the average cost of new bathroom represents their main subject of interest. Décor sometimes lacks completely and it is a shame because the bathroom has huge potential for becoming a personal sanctuary where you can drown your worries and responsibilities when taking a long bath or listening to soothing music in the shower before going to sleep. If you recognize that potential and want to turn your cold bathroom into a peaceful oasis, then keep reading the article to learn how to infuse modern elements into it. Since you did a great job with decorating the rest of your beautiful and spacious residence while observing the rules of the modern movement, you should not encounter difficulties when moving on to the bathroom.

Simplicity represents the perfect word to describe modern design

Just like the other areas of the house, you have to create a feeling of openness, simplicity and warmth by including geometrical shapes, natural materials, basic colors and few or no decorations. Of course, you can add a splash of color with a bouquet of flowers placed on a piece of white furniture, but do not go over the top with accessories. In fact, besides towels, soap, candles and flowers, you can get away with not adding any other decorations. This is perfect for those people who benefit from a shoestring budget and they have to make compromises. Since they cannot cut costs when it comes to the luxurious bathtub, the square-shaped sink or the unframed mirror, the lack of decorative elements helps them greatly. The truth is that achieving a modern décor is not difficult at all as long as you have a keen eye for style.


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