Being fashionable on a budget – How-to guide

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June 8, 2017
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Even if you are on a shoestring budget, this does not mean you cannot invest in your looks. It only means that you must do it wisely, and most importantly, ignore the “must-to” trends that big fashion brands are trying to sell you. It’s advertising, and you can do so much better with products you find in unexpected places, like, a second-hand store. Yes, second-hand stores might be the best ally you have in your quest of becoming a fashion icon. Numerous fashion bloggers or simply fashion addicts turn their attention to second-hand or vintage clothing stores. However, below we have some pieces of advice on how to maintain your personality and sense of fashion on a shoestring budget.

Second-hand shopping

Make a list of items you really want to invest in, go out and shop. The shops targeted must be second-hand shops. They allow you to invest in amazing pieces, at a fraction of their store price. Also, most of the times, each item you find in these shops are unique. Therefore, by shopping second-hand, you can create a truly unique style. Moreover, second-hand shops generally have designer clothes in their stocks. So if you truly want that expensive fur coat, you could, in fact, search these stores for something similar. You might, in fact, really find your dear clothing item. However, because finding a similar item with a different occasion might be nearly impossible, make sure to purchase it if you really love it. With second-hand stores, clothing surely becomes more accessible and budget-friendly, but it also is a one-time shot. Also, keep in mind that second-hand clothing hunting requires high levels of patience, therefore, do it on a day in which you don’t have other plans.

Buy on sales

If you cannot get over the urge to purchase a certain item, then wait until the sale season comes. Luckily, each year, there are three or four sales sessions all retailers have. Thus, you have several opportunities to invest at a smaller price in the items that you love. The best advice would be to create a wish list and bookmark the products you plan to purchase when the sales season comes. When the time comes, you will have facile access to the products you need and you will also save quite some time while doing so.

Upgrade your old clothing items

If you have a coat that is looking great, but it has cheap details, simply replace them. Find metallic buttons as a replacement for the ugly, plastic ones. They will certainly add a classier and more expensive appearance to your old coat. The same rule goes for an undetermined number and types of clothing items. Only identify the items worth updating and improvements you could bring to them. Classic pieces are always worth upgrading, since they will never get out of fashion. Maintain them in proper form, clean them as stated on the label and you should be perfect.

These are some of the most affordable ways in which a fashion lover could invest in new items, even on a shoestring budget.

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