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August 24, 2015
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Most of us can’t even start our day without a delicious and strong cup of coffee. It is important that we have the right machine, in order to obtain the desired result. With so many types of units that are on the market nowadays, many of us find confusing choosing one. If you’re wondering who makes the best coffee maker, you should know that it isn’t always about the manufacturer. Indeed, certain manufacturers are known to produce quality kitchen appliances. Such is the case of Cuisinart. However, there are many coffee maker manufacturers that most of us have never heard of. So, if you don’t know which coffee machine to chose, here are some of the best grind and brew coffee makers.

Capresso 464.05 Coffeeteam GS

Capresso 464.05 Coffeeteam GS is considered one of the best machines that are on the market at the moment, due to the fact that it can offer you an incredibly delicious drink. It is highly recommended for large families because it can prepare up to 10 cups of coffee at once. This unit is very easy to use, as you only have to add the coffee beans, and a while later you will be able to enjoy a tasty drink. The clever digital controls allow you to choose the brew quantity. You will have five different quantities options to choose from. Aside from that, you will also be able to enjoy a mid-brew drink, due to its brew-pause function. Capresso can be used with or without the grinder, and it comes with an auto shut-off system, which means that the unit will automatically shut off in case it is left unused for more than two hours.

Cuisinart DGB700BCFR

As we mentioned, when it comes to deciding who makes the best coffee maker, or who makes the best kitchen appliances, Cuisinart is a name that always comes to mind. This incredible coffee machine comes with features such us: 12-cup capacity, adjustable auto-shut off, a charcoal water filter that will easily remove impurities, 24-hour fully programmable option, and a brew pause setting which allows you have a cup before brewing is actually finished. Furthermore, you will have the option to select the strength of your drink. You can either go for a mild, medium or strong coffee, which is absolutely amazing, because not all of us like the same taste. It is also a reasonably priced product which many of us can afford to buy. With a unit like that, your mornings will certainly be more beautiful.

Breville BDC650BSS

Are you looking for a device that allows you to create your own great tasting drink? If the answer is yes, then Breville BDC650BSS is one of the best choices you could make. This coffee bean grinder comes with a calibration function that allows you to grind the beans before it starts brewing. Moreover, the machine can also customize the volume of the coffee and the size of the grind as well, in order to meet everybody’s tastes.

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