Best Infrared Heaters Under $100

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July 27, 2015
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Now that winter has finally arrived, we can fully enjoy spending some valuable time with our families during the fun holidays. In order to stay healthy and avoid catching a cold during this season, it’s recommended to take extra measures. Besides eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of hot drinks, it’s important to heat your home so that you feel warm and cozy when you’re inside. An infrared heater is said to be the best solution because these devices are very cheap yet efficient. Here are the best infrared heaters under $100.

Lifesmart Meduim Room Infrared Heater w/Remote

The Lifesmart Meduim Room Infrared Heater is a perfect choice for small to medium sized rooms. The price of this infrared heater ranges from $60.99 to $99.00, depending from where you choose to buy it. This heater uses 1500 watts, making it energy efficient. Other than that, it features an air filter that doesn’t need to be replace. In order to remove the dust and fine particles that has gathered during the day, simply wash the filter, wait for it to dry and you can use it again for as long as you wish. What we like most about this infrared heater is the fact that it comes with an Eco setting that allows it to use up to 500 watts to reach temperatures to 69 degrees.

Homegear Pro 1500w Large Room Infrared Space / Cabinet Heater

At just $74.99 the Homegear Pro 1500w is a great choice for medium sized rooms. This infrared heater has an ergonomic design and it comes with many features. You can set the amount of heat by choosing between the 3 modes: eco, low and high. It comes with a remote control to allow you to program the unit from a distance, for more convenience. Furthermore, because it has a simple and compact design you can place it in the corner of the room or in other tight and narrow places.

Green Peak 6 Element Large Room Heater w/ Remote Control

This Electric Infrared Quartz Heater costs $79.99, so it’s one of the most affordable and efficient infrared heaters available on the consumer market. It is highly capable of warming medium to large rooms of 1000 square feet. We like that this efficient infrared heater comes with many practical features, such as a digital LED display, a timer function, which is very useful for when you want to lower your energy bills and a thermostat control. The Green Peak 6 infrared heater also features a remote control to operate the unit from when you are far away from it.

Comfort Glow EMF161 Portable Fireplace

The Comfort Glow EMF161 Portable Fireplace can cost you $58.86 to $79.95. This infrared heater has an attractive design; it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere: on your desk, night stand, coffee table etc. Although it’s only capable of heating small rooms, you can easily place this portable mini fireplace wherever you want.

These are the best choices under $100, but if you feel like splurging, there are many other units to choose from, some of them with amazing designs and truly innovative features. If you want to take a look at the best infrared heaters of the moment, head over to the, where you will find state of the art heaters as well as affordable heaters, all analyzed according to their key features.

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