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Once they get used to having a sewing machine and utilizing its basic functions, many people start looking for something more professional, capable of advanced sewing or heavy duty usage. Most end up developing their own business, while others are simply DIY enthusiasts who want to experiment with different fabrics and make clothes all by themselves. If you are in this situation, you should upgrade your sewing machine to a model that can keep up with your requirements. Advanced models cost more than basic ones, so check out as many reviews as possible to make sure you invest your money wisely. posts regular reviews of new and classic sewing machines, covering all notable brands.

Electronic or mechanic sewing machines?


Mechanic sewing machines are mistakenly associated with advanced users, but this they aren’t necessarily the best. The reason why people think you need to be an expert to use their mechanism is that they require a little more skill when it comes to handling. Mechanical sewing machines do not have automatic controls, so you have to do everything by hand. However, this doesn’t mean that they offer more features. They are simply less user friendly. Electronic sewing machines, on the other hand, are easier to operate, but usually come with advanced features that give you the freedom to create unique designs. If you only want to adjust your clothes, a mechanical model will do the trick, but if you’re looking for embroidery and complex repairs, you should get an electric machine, even if it’s more expensive.


Features you should be looking for


If you want to create unique designs, you should look for the following:


  • Automatic needle threading: this is a feature that helps you sew faster


  • Multiple needle setting: this enables you to change the settings based on the fabrics you are working it. For example, fine fabrics such as silk require a small needle, whereas thick fabrics such as denim require a large needle. The same goes for embroidery.


  • Stitching: this is a must have option if you want to create different patterns on fabric.


  • Adjustable feed dogs: these are metal teeth that pull the fabric as you sew. Adjustable feed dogs are required when working with thick fabrics.


  • Speed control: depending on the type of fabric you are working with, you can pull the fabric faster or slower


  • Tension adjustment: if you often work with delicate fabrics such as silk, you should get a sewing machine that allows you to adjust tension, otherwise the fabric will be torn.


The best brands for experienced sewers


If you’re ready to spend the extra dollar on an advanced sewing machine, we recommend top rated brands such as Singer, Pfaff and Brother. Make sure you read the product description, because modern machines are often built for niche sewers. Should you be on a tight budget, you should buy a used sewing machine from a top brand instead of paying less for a brand new model, but from a questionable brand.

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