Best spots for beginner snorkeling and swimming around the world

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Do you love swimming and snorkeling and you have no idea where to go next? No problem. This article is a list of the best possible sports you can choose for your next trip. Even though your budget might be reduced, some of these places are very affordable outside season and they can offer you the exact experience you want. Depending on where you live, you might want to choose locations that are not so far away from home, to avoid spending a fortune on plane tickets. Some of the places listed here are less accessible than others, but you should plan your trip according to your own preferences and possibilities. Here’s what you need to know about snorkeling trips & excursions:

West Papua – Indonesia

Indonesia is well-known for its wildness and raw places. If you want to experience something unique and snorkel in virgin waters, this is the place for you. West Papua is not highly visited and – if you live close to Indonesia – is not expensive either. The Raja Ampat area hosts around one thousand species of marine animals such as colorful fish, curious sea turtles, and manta rays. The snorkeling area is huge and you can choose the location yourself without worrying about safety. Make sure to hire a guide if you are snorkeling for the first time. The tourism industry in Indonesia is constantly growing.

Ecuador – The Galapagos Islands

Everyone heard at least once in their lives about The Galapagos Islands, a hidden paradise on Earth. Ecuador is popular for the sights it offers and snorkeling among colorful corals and unique fish seems like the perfect way to start your holiday. The marine life in The Galapagos Islands is very diverse, ranging from cute sea lions to dolphins or … penguins! The underwater wildlife is friendly, meaning that it doesn’t put visitors in danger.

Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands are a dreamy place for people who want to relax in luxurious resorts next to the sea. During the day, visitors can opt for all sorts of underwater activities, including snorkeling and swimming. Given the clarity of the water in these areas, it would be impossible not to try snorkeling and remain with a great picture in your head. The complex includes more islands and each of them. Book snorkeling trips Turks & Caicos Islands long before getting there because the area is preferred by many tourists.

The Philippines

Another great location for snorkeling is represented by The Philippines. Many people avoid this location because they consider it too wild. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful places for activities such as snorkeling or swimming and it earned prizes for this role. Choose one of the 7000 islands and visit The Philippines for a complete experience. If you want to see a whale shark in real life, don’t forget to visit the Bay of Donsol, the most popular place in The Philippines. You’ll get the chance to swim among these giants.

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