Body Image Anxiety in Men – How to Overcome It

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March 23, 2019
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Media is so focused on women and their problems with body image that everyone forgot to mention the fact that men struggle with such anxieties as well. Men can’t find as much information as women can regarding how to overcome body image anxiety. All people experience this issue at least once in a lifetime, but there are no two persons who have the same experience with accepting their bodies. This is the reason why it is so difficult to understand what it takes to accepting yourself and loving your body just the way it is. The few tips listed in this article are addressed to men who currently wrestle with their body image anxiety.

You are not the only one confronting this issue

First of all, it’s paramount to understand that you are not an exception. Many men deal with body image anxiety on a daily basis, but they simply don’t show it because they consider it is not socially acceptable to have such issues which are usually encountered by females. Men are, in fact, just as likely as women to develop body image anxiety because of the ideals promoted in media. Men started to share their stories regarding their body image anxieties more often, as it becomes a problem that affects their quality of life.

Things that you can’t control

Body image issues are now always related to how your body looks. This can be fixed through clean eating and working out on a regular basis. The effort you put into making your body look the way you want will be rewarding in the end and it will provide you with the confidence you needed all this time. But there are certain things that may generate body image anxiety that can’t be changed through sweat and effort. Acne, scars, baldness, height, penis size, the amount of body hair – these factors can all lead to body image anxiety and feeling self-conscious. It’s important to accept that they can’t be controlled and it’s best to accept them fully.  

Getting to know and appreciate your body

Body image issues are also generated by the fact that many men don’t know much about their bodies. Body self-consciousness is the most obvious when it comes to being naked in front of someone else. The anxiety takes over and you forget what actually makes you feel good. Don’t be ashamed to learn how to use a fleshlight to notice what things turn you on. Pleasuring yourself and learning your sweet spots should help you appreciate your body more. Always give yourself time to learn more about your body. Invest more resources in body care and create a routine that makes you feel good about yourself. In the long run, you will notice the difference.

Confidence is more important than how you look

Another aspect to keep in mind is that confidence is much more significant than the way you look. It makes you attractive and desirable. You won’t be defined by how you look, but by how you behave, talk, walk and interact with other people. Build your confidence one step at the time and the body anxiety will disappear in no time.  

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