Chiropractic care for chronic pain – Does it help?

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May 31, 2017
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Chiropractic care has become quite a popular solution for those struggling to treat chronic pain. This happened because of the unusual, painkiller-free solutions proposed by these specialists. The therapies proposed by them are oftentimes more affordable and efficient than the traditional ones are, and the level of satisfaction of former patients with these approaches continues to grow. Being a non-invasive type of therapy, it reduces the amount of money a patient will spend on medication and surgeries, and it offers a healthier strategy to eliminate chronic pain. This chiropractic Colorado Springs clinic is specialised in developing strategies for those suffering from diverse pains caused either by car accidents, either by other health issues. However, below are some ways in which a chiropractor might help you to treat chronic pain.

Chronic pain – What is it?

Chronic pain is defined as a pain that last longer than twelve weeks. First known as intractable pain, the term emerged during the Second World War, for soldiers requiring opioids for treating reoccurring, constant pain. Patients suffering from it are in constant excruciating pain that prevents them from managing their day-to-day duties. This decreases their quality of life, as they are unable to function properly and be a productive member of the society. Besides the physical pain experienced by them, many complain about the psychological effects the constant pain has on them. Because of these reasons, treating chronic pain is mandatory. However, many therapies include painkillers; but unfortunately, chronic pain rarely responds to traditional pain management strategies. And this is where chiropractors make their entrance in the equation.

How does chiropractic therapy help with chronic pain management?

Before proposing a pain management strategy, a chiropractor will always perform a thorough physical exam to identify the causes of your chronic pain. By performing several physical tests, including X-rays, they are able to identify with certainty the exact cause of your pain and they will be sure that the therapy and approach proposed by them will fit your necessities. The therapies proposed by these specialists usually include spinal manipulation, muscle manipulation, electro stimulation and a personalised set of physical exercises that are designed to remediate and reduce the pain experienced by a patient. In the case of Degenerative Disc Disease, for instance, the chiropractor will apply specific spinal manipulation techniques, which paired with flexion-distraction techniques and instrument therapies will help the patient to maintain in normal parameters the pain experienced. Also, a chiropractor will propose an exercise plan specifically designed for each patient, easy to apply at home, when necessary. Widely used for treating DDD is the trigger point therapy, in which the chiropractor identifies and manipulates muscles and discs positioned in unusual postures, and by applying pressure on them, they help the patient to relieve the tension, thus the pain in the area.

As you can easily notice, all therapies developed by chiropractors are painkiller and surgery free, which allows patients to control them in a more affordable and efficient fashion.

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