Choosing a Scandinavian design for your home – Things to consider

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November 23, 2017
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There is so much to learn from Scandinavian interior design trends. Simply put, this design trend increased in popularity over the years, and we can certainly understand why. It’s simple, modern with a twist of traditional, and beautiful overall. The colour palette also seems to impress by its simplicity and you can always personalise it in order to bring some colour into your life as well. Below we have some simple pieces of advice that stay at the root of decorating your home in a Scandinavian manner.

Find a centrepiece for your living room

Many Scandinavian homes have a fireplace as a centrepiece. Of course, not many of us afford to have such pieces, but there is always a better, more affordable alternative to those: contemporary wood burning stoves. These stoves can be easily installed, and they successfully replace traditional heating means. They also are a lot more economical than traditional HVAC systems, which makes them a perfect alternative for those who look forward to always save some money. These stoves are perfect because they come in a variety of designs, being appropriate in all houses, especially in Scandinavian homes. Also, you can opt for fireplace inserts as a great alternative. Consider this your first step to an amazing design and you will certainly end up having a great interior style, starting from a simple piece like a stove.

Opt for neutral tones

A characteristic of all Scandinavian homes is the muted palette which you will find in all homes with such design. When decorating your home in such a manner, make sure to include greys, pale blue, white, ivory and so on. The greatest advantage offered by a muted colour palette is that it offers the opportunity of playing with bright colours for accents. For instance, include bright yellow pillows, bright blue curtains and so on.  You don’t have to keep it all neutral. Play with colours and see what works best for you.

Grey and white wood floors

A big trend in terms of flooring is the light, neutral flooring trend. In other parts of the world, carpets are a regular when it comes to flooring. Well, Scandinavians live their floors wooden, because such floors make the space appear larger, more open and seem to bring more light. You can opt for in-floor heating, if you fear that during the cold winter months it may become a bit too chilly, or you could place come rugs or sheep skins, even fake ones, like the ones from Ikea.

Scandinavian furniture, is, of course, a must

Obviously, you will have to invest in some furniture pieces that are designed and built like Scandinavians love to. Sharp lines and corners, light colours and a mix of different textures. Search for such pieces at Scandinavian manufacturers and retailers.

These are some simple rules to follow if you want to design a highly functional and beautiful Scandinavian home design. Keep in mind that you can always adapt this style to your personal preferences.

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