Choosing the perfect shutters for your windows type

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Depending on the type of windows that your house has, you need to buy the appropriate type of shutters. Everyone knows how important it is to set the right ambiance inside the house. Natural light should be present during the day and no disturbances should be present at night. When the weather conditions require protecting the windows, there’s no better way to do it other than investing in quality shutters. Not all windows work with the same type of shutters, so you need to see which ones are suitable for your own situation. This article is supposed to present various types of shutters to help you choose the one that is the most appropriate. Here is what you need to know:

Plantation shutters 

Plantation shutters are the most beautifully designed ones. They offer a nice touch to any room and they can be customized depending on the windows type. They usually come with wide louvers or angled slats. The interval between the louvers can also be customized depending on your own preferences. These can be added on the outside of the house too, but they are usually encountered indoors. One of the most appreciated types are the tier on tier shutters. They are easily adjustable as the slats can be moved up and down depending on how much light you want to let in.

Raised panel shutters

Raised panel shutters are perfect for windows that are not too big. They are usually shaped in a rectangular form and they work well with box-shaped windows. Raised panel shutters look like kitchen cabinets and they are usually used in traditional home designs. A similar type of shutter is the shaker one, which also features rectangular panels. Shaker panel shutters are more suitable for exterior use because they are made of strong wood that resists any weather conditions. They are far more different compared to tier on tier shutters.

Board and Batten shutters

If you’d like to include wood in your home decor, you can do that by using board and batten shutters. They are suitable for most types of windows and they can be used indoors and outdoors. The panels of this type of shutters are made out of wooden boards which are connected with battens. These are traditional shutters that suit any type of home design and can be cut according to the window size and curve. You should include board and batten shutters in rustic designs for a stylish look.

Solid shutters

These shutters don’t include any type of louvers or slats, as they come in one piece only. They are usually made of wood and they cover the full surface of the window. These are mostly selected for windows that go from the ceiling to the floor. Solid shutters can come in different shapes. The most common one is rectangle, but they can also be found in arch shapes, French door cuts which are suitable for bigger windows that have handles, trapezoid shapes for French roofs or circles for small windows such as the ones found in the bathroom.

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