Dancing as Part of Your Employee Wellness Program

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May 29, 2019
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All companies depend on their employees’ morale and wellness. As of lately, the vast majority of business establishments all over the world have integrated diverse wellness programs in their strategy of boosting employee engagement and workplace satisfaction levels (70%, according to Forbes!). Many employers have found that dancing is a good way to motivate employees and keep them happy. And so, they have integrated dancing classes as part of their wellness packages. And, according to the data offered by these companies, not only the standard employee performance has increased, but also the company profits and customer satisfaction levels. Besides, there are some auxiliary advantages, too. We have a short list, below.

Dancing improves cognitive function

The Strictly Go Dancing jury member and professional choreographer, Craig Revel Horwood, has a lot to say when it comes to dancing and cognitive function. According to him, dancing integrates different brain areas and functions simultaneously. Dancing stimulates the emotional area of your brain, but also areas like the rational, kinaesthetic, and musical function of your brain. It improves neural connections, which, in return, makes us smarter. When these areas, combined, are activated, our decision-making abilities are improved. Help your employees dance their way to their smarter selves!

Builds stronger teams

In terms of employee performance, social interactions have a lot to say. According to a Harvard Business Review, social time is critical to improving worker performance. When employees have the opportunity to bond closer relationships with their colleagues, the overall communication and productivity patterns within a team are improved by 50%. And fortunately for you, dancing increases socializing opportunities a lot. Dancing wellness programs will teach your workers how to work together and build trusting partnerships. According to the same Craig Revel Horwood, completely trusting your dance partner is a basic demand for dancing.

Improves energy levels and wellness

If you notice your employees are getting drowsy by the day, dancing might help them become more energetic. The dynamic movements usually involved by dancing trigger the release of endorphins, the happy chemicals of our body. “It is scientifically proven that when you feel physically better, your brain works at higher capacity”, says Craig Revel Horwood.

Dancing boosts health and fitness

But mental health is not the only thing that dancing can improve. Physical health and fitness are also improved tremendously in people who regularly dance. As of lately, companies all over the world have invested heavily in preventing and reducing employee obesity rates. To reduce obesity incidence rates in your company, dancing is the perfect solution. It is a low-risk and low, weight total body workout that helps your employees improve their posture, cardiovascular health and joint mobility. All these are huge issues in workplaces all over the world.

Help your employees become their healthier selves with the help of dance classes. As you have seen above, dancing has an array of health and mental benefits that will turn your teams in more productive and engaged ones.

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