Decorating tips for dorm rooms – make your room more welcoming

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March 10, 2016
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Being a college student might be daunting and exhausting for some teenagers, taking into account that they have to go to numerous classes, do their homework and make some time in order to spend it with their friends or family. When the evening comes, most students return to their dorm rooms, but if it is not welcoming enough, they might feel even more tired. This is the reason why students who are looking for student housing Leicester should bring a personal touch to their dorm room and make it seem more vivid and attractive. Below are some interesting ideas you might want to consider the moment you start decorating your dorm room.

Light up the room with some … flowers!

The moment you finish your classes and return to your room, you want a cosy place where you can just sit in bed and read a book or watch a movie. Light up the room with some DIY flower lights. You can use a string of Christmas tree white lights and several coloured cupcake liners and a pair of scissors. You have to cut those cupcake liners into shapes that are similar to flowers and leaves and create a small hole in the middle in order for the light to get through. Even if you do not plug the Christmas tree lights in, you will still have an amazingly decorated wall.

Photos, photos everywhere

Living in a dorm implies staying away from your family and all your friends you have back home. In order to be easier for you, you can print some photos with them, hang them on clotheslines for example and use some clothespins to place the photos onto the strings. You can do this with other things too, such as cards, notes, or other various paper memories.

Have the cheaper version of a magnetic board

Having a proper and visible place where to post memory notes or other interesting things is necessary when you are a college student. You might not remember all the dates when you are supposed to have exams, so a magnetic board for instance might come in quite handy. Instead of choosing an expensive magnetic board, you can resort to a far cheaper version. You can opt for a cookie tray for instance. In order to bring a coloured touch to the room, you can choose a pink, red, blue or green one. Stick it on the wall and decorate it with different magnets.

Ribbons instead of curtains

Most people think ribbons have one use only, which is to wrap presents and make them look more attractive. Truth is if you let your imagination run wild, you can think of many other uses for ribbons and one of them is to use them in order to replace curtains. Instead of choosing a plain white curtain, search for the closest local store where you can find ribbons of different types of materials, sizes and colours. You can have the most amazing curtains that will impress anyone that enters your room.

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