Delivering a best man speech with public speaking anxiety

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October 19, 2017
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Some people believe that writing a perfect speech is unquestionably the most difficult responsibility of being a Best man because you have to organize the content, elegantly combine entertainment and respect, captivate the guest’s interest with the opening line and finish with a bang. On the other hand, delivering the speech is not something to carry through easily. The position of speaking in front of an entire room that concentrates its attention on you can be absolutely terrifying if you have public speaking anxiety. Writing and delivering a Best man speech both represent a real challenge and for this reason, you have to prepare in advance so you do not screw up and disappoint the groom who obviously, chose you from the beginning because he trusted you.

Conquer the unknown

Conquering the unknown is the first step to overcoming your fear, especially if you do not have previous experience in terms of Best man speeches. You probably have a multitude of questions that make you feel daunted and insecure. Ask around or do a little research to help you become more familiar with your duties. You should approach one of the wedding organizers in order to receive information concerning the moment you have to deliver the speech and if you have to include something in particular. In addition, you should find out if you are the only one who will be speaking. In case you are not, you must remember the running order. Here you can find more about it.

Practice makes perfect

Do not necessarily think that practicing your speech will only help you to memorize it because it is not true. Reading it several times in front of other people will make you feel more comfortable when the time comes to speak in front of the guests at the wedding. After all, you can keep a sheet and do not be afraid to peek occasionally; nobody forces or expects you to know everything by heart. You can also try a little improvising if you want to speak from the heart, people will notice that you are being honest and they will appreciate it.

Relax and think positive

If you are already preparing for failure, then you will undoubtedly fail. Think positive and actually visualize yourself speaking confidently in front of the guests. Even though you probably heard this a million times before, you should not underestimate this advice. By visualizing a successful ending, you practically pave your way for it. Moreover, try to relax and take a good sleep the night before the wedding. Avoid alcohol or caffeine.

Concentrate on the message

Instead of being constantly aware of the fact that other people are concentrating their attention on your words, you should shift your thoughts towards the speech and the couple. Being friends with the groom and seeing his face of approval will definitely boost your confidence. Although, you probably know that everyone in that room wants you to succeed and deliver a great speech so you do not have anything else to worry except for communicating a message within five minutes.


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