Electric Hand Dryer Myth-Busting

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You would think that these days, the world would have arrived at a consensus regarding which hand dryer was the number one. But no, quite to the contrary in fact as now more than ever, debates still rage as to whether or not electronic hand dryers are really all they are cracked up to be.

Now, while it is fair to say that company leaders in hand dryers are bound to be to some degree biased in favour of hot air hand dryers, there is no disputing the evidence and facts out there. The simple fact of the matter is that there’s a big difference between hard evidence and blind theory, which is why many of the long-standing myths of all regarding hand dryers should by now have been blown out.

So with this in mind, here is a quick introduction to just a handful of the most common and longest-standing untruths of all along with their respective truths behind them:

1 – They’re Not Efficient

First up comes the argument that hand dryers are not efficient and as such really don’t make good sense to be used when alternatives are available. This is an argument that stems off from the fact that there was a time when electric hand dryers were indeed not especially efficient because the technology was somewhat remedial. These days however things are very different and just as is the case with basically every other type of technology, hand dryers are more efficient than ever before. In fact, it’s been proved that on a per-user basis, they’re significantly more efficient than any alternative hand drying methods.

2 – They Just Don’t Do a Good Job

This is another archaic suggestions that might apply accurately to the hand dryers of the past, but in this day and age things are completely different. If you use an electric hand dryer that is old and of poor quality, naturally it is going to do a bad job drying your hands. However, use one of today’s amazingly powerful, effective and energy-efficient hand dryers and you will see your hands dried up thoroughly and completely in a matter of seconds.

3 – They Are Unhygienic

Chances are pretty much everybody will by now have heard the argument regarding hot air hand dryers not being hygienic and breeding germs and bacteria. A rather unpleasant prospect to say the least, but one that has also been totally quashed by science which has shown that this was never the case and will never be the case. The simple fact is that where there are very hot temperatures and fast-moving air, it’s simply impossible for germs and bacteria to grow to any kind of level as to make a hand dryer in any way unsanitary or unhygienic.

4 – They Are Costly to Maintain

Some people continue to insist that hand dryers don’t make good choices for the simple reason that they’re costly to maintain and demanding by way of upkeep. Once again, there might have been some truth in this theory around 20 years ago, but these days it simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only do daily upkeep requirements and costs come in around the zero mark, but even long-term maintenance is again almost too insignificant to warrant a mention. When it comes to on-going and long-term costs, any quality electric hand dryer is basically the cheapest option on the market.

5 – Paper Towels Are Simply Better

Last up, it’s still said even to this date that there’s no real point in purchasing an electric hand dryer when paper towels are equally capable or even superior. Unfortunately, what this fails to consider is the way in which paper towels aren’t only much costlier over the long term, but also hugely wasteful, need constant replenishment and are basically guaranteed to make a mess of any washroom in no time at all. Electric hand dryers on the other hand offer a great package of plus points which these days is just undeniable, whichever way you decide to look at it.


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