Five types of shoes all women need in their lives

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September 1, 2017
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The basic rule when it comes to women and their shoes is that each of us should own at least five pairs. This will make every woman juggle with success with every fashion decision they make. Also, changing shoes is a thing every woman finds great pleasure in, and it also comes as a great way to preserve each of those in better form for longer intervals. Our top starts with some Converse shoes on that are currently at amazing discount prices. Keep close for more ideas.

A pair of Converse shoes

Although women generally find great joy into wearing high heels, this is not always the case. We sometimes need to give our feet a break and wear a truly comfortable pair of shoes. Also, high heels are not appropriate for all occasions and fashion decisions. Thus, a pair a Converse shoes in a neutral colour, like black or white will certainly find their place into a woman’s wardrobe. They are appropriate for a walk in the park, grocery shopping and taking the children from school. In fact, they are so versatile that they became appropriate in rather office circumstances. After all, in many large corporations, there has been implemented a business-casual dress code. Also, a pair of Converse shoes will work amazingly with a dress or a fancy skirt, if you combine them well. Consider those as a cornerstone of your wardrobe.

A pair of ballet flats

Ballet flats are the go-to option for many of us. They are versatile, they give any outfit a classy, retro look, and they are comfortable. However, make sure that you pick those right, because a poor fit will certainly damage your feet. Search for reputable manufacturers, and if there’s the case, customize a pair.

A pair of flattering high-heels

While they might not be the most comfortable type of shoes that you could be wearing, a girl certainly needs something like this in her wardrobe. They are appropriate for classier circumstances, like a wedding or a classy cocktail party, and even for daily use, if you simply love wearing such shoes. Petite girls seem to have a crush on those.

A pair of leather boots

While not many women think of those as flattering items, they can certainly help you create a statement outfit. For instance, a pair of Dr. Martens floral print boots will have a great impact. Also, not only they look great if chose carefully, but they also are incredibly practical during the cold months. Rain, mud or snow, they are dealing amazingly with all of those.

A pair of nude stilettos

No, these don’t count as high heels. They aren’t a different piece per se, but they create a tremendously different visual impact. An all nude wedding outfit couldn’t be accomplished without these, could it? Also, they instantly elongate the leg, so petite ladies out there, put your money into these.   

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