Get the Cleanest Pool with the Help of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

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September 7, 2015
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Many of you are used to cleaning the pool manually because you think that this way you can focus on every portion of the pool and you will be able to scrub off the dirt gathered on the pools floor, steps, and tiles. To your surprise, you can obtain a very clean pool without the smallest effort form you if you choose to use a robotic pool cleaner that can clean the pool itself, resulting in a sparkling clean pool.

  • Every robotic pool cleaner includes a filter that collects the dirt and debris found in your pool and the way it gathers the dirt is similar to how you handle the pool rake skimmer. The water goes through the robotic vacuum and exists on another side while the dirt in the water remains debris-free. And all this without your intervention and without any effort from you. The efficiency of each pool varies obviously, which is why it is best to read some pool cleaner reviews in order to determine which one has the best filter and the best suction power. For that purpose, go to the where you will find some excellent automatic pool cleaner reviews.
  • When you use a robotic pool cleaner, you don’t have to scrub the tiles in order to remove the dirt for it to absorb it, as the special brushes it is equipped with do all the job for you. There are sets of brushes that rotate and scrub the dirt off the surface of the pool before collecting it so the cleaning is not shallow. Once it’s done, the pool will be sparkling clean without any dirt or algae remaining on the tile or in the water.
  • The robotic pool cleaner also works on pool steps and walls, not only the bottom of the pool and it can cover the entire pool area so you won’t have to complete the cleaning by hand. The rubber wheels or tracks it comes with are ensuring a high adherence even on vertical surfaces and allow the robotic pool cleaner to climb stairs without flipping over or getting stuck. The wide brushes reach into the corners and make sure every inch remains perfectly clean.
  • You can use the robotic pool cleaner at all times even if you have other chores to perform thanks to the programmable timer that allows you to set the device to start cleaning at any time. Most units have many programmable cleaning cycles so it can perform a thorough cleaning on its own without requiring your assistance. In case you do want to keep an eye on it and you detect a dirty area, you can set it to the spot cleaning cycle and have it insist on a certain stain.

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