Golf vs. hunting rangefinders

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January 15, 2016
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In the past years, sports have been revolutionized by the evolution of technology. While in tennis, for instance, there is a special device that players can use to check if their shots are inside the court, in golf, players can now use rangefinders. These are the perfect device for those who are trying to improve the quality of their golf game and get better results. Rangefinders have been created to measure the distance between a fixed point and a variable target and even if initially they were used exclusively in the army or for hunting, now their functionality has expanded. In golf, the lenses from the rangefinder will help you identify your target; get an accurate distance calculation and a time approximation. Furthermore, some of the most performing devices can also measure the slope, temperature, elevation, angle of the shot and inclination of the golf course. While the human eye may find it difficult (sometimes even impossible) to see in unclear conditions, since the gadget uses a GPS based technology, this enables it to deliver great results regardless weather conditions. However, taking into consideration that rangefinders can be used for several purposes, is it ok to use the same device both for golf and hunting?

Should you buy two different rangefinders?

Although hunting and golf devices are slightly different, sometimes it is not mandatory to purchase more than one rangefinder. This is due to the fact that to some extent, you can use the same gadget for both activities – it will do the job, as long as you have a performing one. In order to make sure that you have chosen the right product, you will have to do some research in advance. Fortunately, there are various dedicated online platforms, such as, where you can read about the best features you need to search for in a device. If you want to use it both for hunting and golf, pick a product that has specifications and menu options dedicated to these two uses. It is true that not all models provide this versatility, but if you look carefully, then you may find one that is just perfect. Of course, the choice also depends on your level of experience

How does the perfect rangefinder look like?

In order to make a sustainable and reliable decision, read the specifications of each product you have on your list. Pick a device that has all the features of a successful golf rangefinder, and then check if it has those of the perfect hunting rangefinder. In case you can find a lot of particularities that coincide, then you are on the right path, because the gadget can be suitable for both activities. However, this can be tricky, given the fact that golf rangefinders use a system aiming to identify the closest target (provided that is the flag), while hunting devices are equipped to calculate long distance and ignore objects that are close. This may be the main difference between specialized rangefinders, but you can always pick one that allows you to choose the target manually.


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