Home alone: safety rules that your children need to know

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March 10, 2018
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Even though you struggle to manage time efficiently so that you fulfill both your office and parent responsibilities, you have to be aware that at some point, your child might end up spending a few hours alone at home. You do not know what may intervene. Maybe you want to earn some overtime by working more and impressing your superior, maybe a health emergency forces you to take a family member to the hospital or maybe you just need to go grocery shopping and you think that since you will come back fast, you do not have to worry about the safety of your kid. Regardless of the reason, you have to be aware that leaving a minor alone at home even for ten minutes could lead to severe consequences. Of course, each parent takes into consideration the age of his child when deciding to leave him alone for a certain period. Even if your kid is mature for his age, you still have to establish safety rules and make sure that he understands them.

Teach your child important safety rules when home alone

Obviously, the most common advice that parents give to their children when going away for an hour or two is not letting anyone in the house, except relatives and friends. Probably even neighbors if they are nice harmless people.  Strangers do not necessarily come to knock at your door, especially when they have the possibility to call. Therefore, you have to teach your kid to use caller ID or to screen calls. Reverse phone number lookup can easily help you detect the unknown number disturbing your peace and jeopardizing the safety of your little one. The smartest thing to do your kid could do is not give strangers any clue regarding his current situation, namely that he is alone at home. Using the excuse that his parents are busy and will return the call as soon as possible is the right way to approach any strangers. As a parent, you have to lock all doors and windows before leaving and instruct your child not to open them. If your kid must come home from school and you are not there, let him know that if he sees signs of forced entry, he should go back to school or to a neighbor.

Safety rules that you need to follow as a parent to protect your child

Since you are the mature person in the house, you have to make sure that your child has everything at hand in case something unexpected happens. Make a list containing emergency numbers and place it in full sight so that he can easily reach it. If he must call to 911, he will have to know the address and phone number. You can write them on the same list. Basic first aid is crucial and if your little one reached the appropriate age to use it, then teach him how. Power outage is not dangerous, but it could scare your child so a flashlight would keep him company. Just check the batteries to see if they work properly and leave additional ones next to the flashlight.


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