How can a driving simulator prepare you for the real driving?

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Thousands and hundreds of thousands of people die in vehicle crashes every year on a global scale. You can say that you are taking your life into your own hands every single time you start the car engine. Although some people find driving relaxing and feel safe behind the wheel, there are various factors that can make a trip dangerous, which is why it is best that before obtaining the driving license, people should take some lessons in a driving simulator. Here is how this type of activity can actually prepare you for the real driving.

They replicate some of the most dangerous driving situations

Driving simulators have evolved from the well-known flight simulators and it has been one of the most efficient inventions in the past years. Although you may say that a simulator offers not even a third of the experience and feelings that real driving offers you, you could not have been any more wrong. These simulators have evolved so much that they are capable of replicating various driving situations and make them seem realistic. You can simulate driving in harsh weather conditions in order to see how you would react in such situations and you can learn how to control the vehicle in order to avoid accidents. These exercises are definitely going to help you in the real life and are going to strengthen your reflexes. Those advanced simulators actually use real cars in order to make the experience authentic and as realistic as possible, with engines that are replaced by computers.

Even simpler driving simulators are helpful

You may think that the best way to improve your driving is to use a very complex and complicated driving simulator, but you should know that even those simple ones can make a huge difference in your driving style. The simplest ones resemble video games, yet they create realistic scenarios that teach you how to react in certain dangerous situations.

Perfect for inexperienced drivers

Driving simulators are a great method for inexperienced drivers to learn how to control their moves while driving and how to focus their attention on the road and not let other things distract them. There are studies that show that if you take your eyes off the road for more than three seconds, chances for accident risk significantly increase and this commonly met in young drivers that lack driving experience. What is more, these simulators are also a good solution to those who actually fear driving, since it exposes them to various situations and prepares them for the real life.

How the simulator works

In an advanced driving simulator, the engine of the car is replaced by a computer, yet it feels completely functional. There is a screen where virtual world is projected while the driver sits in the cab of the car. The steer, acceleration and brakes act like normal, but the actions are somehow translated into the computer and then translated into the virtual world. According to scientists, physics-based models were created in a way that makes the computer able to translate the pedal force the driver requests into the specific amount of acceleration and to transfer it into the virtual world.

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