How to Choose Between a Foil and a Rotary Shaver

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March 30, 2015
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Electric shavers have been designed to make men’s shaving easier, more precise and more comfortable with their advanced technologies and the multiple shaving blades they use. There are two types of electric shavers, namely foil and rotary, and each has been designed to meet the needs and preferences of each man who uses them for their shaving routine. To help you decide between a foil and a rotary shaver, here are some aspects that you should take into account when looking for an electric shaver.

Using a rotary shaver

The rotary shaver is the most popular type that most men prefer to use because it’s comfortable to use and it guarantees the closest shaving. This shaver uses three disks that rotate in opposite directions in order to catch the hair and cut it as close to the skin as possible without causing any damage to the skin. The mechanism works very closely to the face’s contour and it follows each corner and curve of your face so there isn’t any hair left behind, even on the sharpest edges. The rotary shaver best suits men with thick hair who don’t want to pull on their hair or cut themselves while shaving. When choosing a rotary shaver, opt for one with a flexible head that follows the shape of your face so you won’t cut your skin around the chin or the jaw. Also, choose a model with titanium blades that deliver the smoothest cut without much hassle.

Using a foil shaver

The foil shaver is not very different in results, compared to the rotary shaver, but it does differ in design and the technologies it uses. The head of the foil shaver is formed of oscillating blades hidden behind steel foils. When you bring the shaver close to your face, it lifts the hair and cuts it while making a buzzing noise that is much louder than in rotary shavers. The large head of the shaver and the three, four, or five blades it uses enable it to perform a shaving in less time as it covers a wide area of your face and it uses many blades that cut simultaneously. The foil shaver is perfect for men with shorter and finer hair who wish to obtain a fast and smooth shaving. Keep in mind that the technology used by the foil shaver is less flexible than the one used by the rotary model, so it won’t follow the contour of your price as precisely as the rotary model.

Once you have decided which type of shaver is better suited for your skin and your type of beard, it would be wise to read some shaver reviews in order to see which shaver in your chosen category offers the best results. For that purpose, stop by the, where you can find numerous helpful electric shaver reviews.

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