How to create balance in your home while decorating

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October 25, 2017
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October 30, 2017

Before initiating any home design project, you should take into account several aspects that might influence the balance of your interior space. Furniture, colours and textures represent essential factors that could determine the atmosphere of a room, which means that you have to understand their effects and learn how to create perfect combinations for an ideal environment. Your guests will definitely feel the positivity from the first minute they walk into your home.

 Cool and warm colours

For starters, the colour wheel contains warm and cool colours so you have to understand the psychological effect of each category. Warm colours include yellow, orange and red while cool colours refer to green, blue and light purple. By including yellow into your interior home design, you immediately bring the heat and sunlight into your life while a blue shade reminds you of water and snow. From a visual point of view, warm colours transform a large room into a cosier and more intimate space. For instance, painting the walls with terra cotta will definitely give you that feeling. On the other hand, cool shades are perfect for small rooms, in case you want to give the impression of a bigger space. You might want to explore pantone colours in order to determine how you want to paint the interior of your home.

Textures combination

Blending should represent your main goal when dealing with textures if you wish to create a relaxed and balanced ambiance. In addition, you should take into account the colours you already used for the walls. For instance, if the space has blue, which is a bold cold shade, try blending it with a large pattern. If another room has walls covered in a bright warm colour, you should combine it with a cool-coloured texture. You probably understand where this is going. Do not split the room by transforming one side into a cold space and the other side into a warm environment; blend as much as you can. Moreover, feel free to mix new and old elements for more balance. In you feel overwhelmed by all these rules, just keep it simple, you can never go wrong with this decision.

Furniture placement

When it comes to furniture, apart from high quality materials, you also take into consideration the style and Himolla might have exactly what you are looking for. However, after you purchase the furniture, you have to place it so that you create a perfect balance. Height and weight represent important aspects and you have to be careful not to smother the room. You want to avoid each piece of furniture having the same height because it will appear boring and possibility odd for some people. Instead, variation should be your main principle and combine or place together tall and short pieces. Do not weigh down the space with heavy furnishings because you will ruin the balance. Avoid placing bold and eye-catching piece on a specific wall and leaving the other one empty. Shortly, less is best and you should keep in mind that details make the difference.

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