How to deal with suddenly moving away from your hometown

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July 19, 2017
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You recently found out you have to move away from your home city and you have no idea where to start? The language, the people and everything you used to know it’s now changed and you feel like you cannot do it alone? Do not worry. All you need to do is relax and take responsibilities with both of your hands. Think about each and every tiny detail you need to set in place and you will definitely stick to the plan. Here are some things you might want to take into account before doing anything else:

Language issues

First thing first, you should understand that not speaking the official language of the country you are moving to is a big issue. You won’t be able to properly communicate with people around you, not to mention immigration forms that need to be filled in along with phone calls that need to be made. That’s why you should check out Lingvohouse translation and the services they are providing. Hiring a specialist to do all the translation work for you it’s way safer that doing it yourself or ask a bilingual stranger to explain you what you have to do. If you are not sure about what you are being said, make sure you ask for professional help. Misunderstandings can lead to unwanted results.

Personal items

Next thing you need to consider is literally moving all your stuff from one place to another. It could look simple, but it is not simple at all. You need to hire a transportation firm to take care of the things you want to take with you. If you have to move all your furniture with you, it will become even more complicated because of the size of the items and the costs of transportation. You should take into account renting a van in order to get all the things with you when you move. If the location does not allow you to do that, cutting on the items you want to bring is essential. Take exactly what you require every day and not a single additional item. You will only make it worse if you’re not being organised.


Check twice the date and time you need to leave your hometown and make sure someone waits for you or at least will help you when you get to your destination. A new city means a location you don’t know anything about. New sights and new streets will get you confused at the beginning and because you didn’t have a lot of time to prepare your departure, it will be more complicated than you thought. Keep a map and a dictionary close by and check the currency before leaving.


Making friends in a new place, especially when older, it is quite difficile. It is necessary to establish connections in the new city you are living in because it will help you get used with the atmosphere. And maybe – who knows – you’ll find opportunities you didn’t even thought about.


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