How to Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Younger

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April 12, 2015
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There are certain skin problems that appear as you age, and they are a constant reminder of the fact that you aren’t as young as you used to be. No matter if we are talking about age spots or wrinkles, these are unpleasant problems that appear at a certain age, and they make us look terrible.
If you have these problems and you want to make your skin look 10 years younger, you should read the following lines to find out which are the best methods you can turn to.

Retinoid creams

Whenever you will hear a woman who looks 35 say she’s 45, you can be sure it’s because she is using retinoid creams.
These creams make you look younger than you really are because it helps your skin produce more collagen, getting rid of age spots and wrinkles by doing this.
If you feel like you need a more potent retinoid cream, you should get a prescription from your doctor in order to buy one, and the effects will be visible in only a couple of weeks. In case you don’t need the strongest retinoid cream out there, you can buy one from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription, and the results will amaze you nonetheless, even if it may take a little longer for the difference to be visible.

Chemical peels

While it’s true that exfoliating your skin daily will do wonders for your skin, a more efficient and less time-consuming method is to get a monthly chemical peel from a dermatologist.
In the process of chemical peeling, the upper layer of the skin is removed in order to stimulate natural collagen production, which will visibly reduce your wrinkles.
It’s a safe method that gives instant results, and it’s very healthy for your skin to use it as well.

Skin lightening creams

With a certain age, wrinkles aren’t the only problem you have to deal with, because there are other unpleasant things that make an appearance on your face, like age spots.
These spots seem to be a constant reminder of the fact that you have aged, and while it’s true that you can cover the age spots on your neck and face with foundation, this is a method of concealing instead of repairing, therefore it does nothing to help you.
To get rid of age spots, you can use skin lightening cream, which will solve the problem for good instead of only hiding it.
Skin lightening creams for age spots can be bought from any pharmacy, and by applying them regularly on the areas that are affected, you will no longer see those irritating age spots because in a couple of weeks they will be nothing but an ugly memory of the past.

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