How to Take Care of Your Belongings at the Beach

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August 17, 2017
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August 18, 2017

Everybody likes to go to the beach. Whether you like swimming, or you are just there for a tan, a day at the beach is great for relaxing and recharging your batteries. However, a trip to the beach can turn into a nightmare if you lose your keys in the water or if someone steals your belongings. These things happen very frequently, and if you want to have a trouble free beach escape, you should take some preventive measures.

1. Use a floating keychain

Losing your keys in the water is one of the most common problems that can arise at the beach or at the pool. In the best case scenario, if you live with someone, you can just make a copy of their keys, but if you don’t, you will probably have to change your home locks which can be very expensive and time consuming. These problems can be avoided if you use a floating key chain. You can improvise one from a wine cork, or you can order a custom floating keychain from They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, so you will surely find something that suits your taste.

2. Leave your valuables in a safe place at the hotel

When you are on a trip, you might be packing some valuables with you from your laptop to your smartphone, your jewelry and maybe even cash. Ideally, you should leave all your valuables at your hotel and only take the necessary stuff with you. Leave your wallet home as it can be tempting for passers by, even if it doesn’t have a lot of cash. However, keep in mind that your belongings can also be stolen from the hotel room, so it is best to put them in a vault.

3. Don’t trust internet hacks

You might have seen a lot of life hacks online that teach you how to protect your belongings at the beach, such as putting all your stuff in an empty sunscreen bottle, or using one of those beach vaults that you bury in the sand. However, everything that you see online, has already been seen by other people as well, so these are not safe solutions.

4. Ask someone to look after your belongings when you go for a swim

You are not the only one who fears for their valuables at the beach. Others are in the same situation, and if you manage to spot some trustworthy people, you could ask them to watch your stuff and offer to do the same for them. Older couples and families with children are your safest options, but even so, you are still taking a chance. You could also buy some stuff from a local restaurant and ask the staff to look after your things for a short while. 

5. Use a dry bag

This is the safest option of them all. Dry bags can be ordered online, they come in various sizes and they are very comfortable to wear. You just tie them across your body, and they will float on the surface near you when you swim. Their only downside is that they only work for surface swimming.

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