How to tell that a senior needs help at home

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October 6, 2021
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It’s hard for a senior to admit that they need assistance and even harder to accept the help of a stranger. So how are you supposed to know when your aging parent needs help? One thing you should know for sure, they won’t tell you, and you must pay attention to the signs. 

Elders have a strong desire to stay independents and retain control of their lives. They often do their best to hide that they’re experiencing issues until they experience an accident or sudden decline in health. However, you shouldn’t wait for this moment to understand that your parents need assistance. The safest way to prevent being caught off-guard is to monitor your parents’ health and wellbeing and research home care options. This way, you’ll be prepared for when your parents need help. 


Signs an elder needs help at home

Check the following signs to determine if your parents need the help of a bpa bærum

They struggle to complete daily activities like

– Eating

– Bathing

– Grooming

– Continence

– Toileting

– Walking

They experience changes in their appearance and physical function. 

– They experience noticeable weight loss that can be the result of an inability to cook, poor diet, or difficulty shopping for food. The help of a bpa oslo can change their quality of life. 

– They wear dirty clothes or dress inappropriately for the weather because they can no longer tell what clothes are suitable for the season or have difficulties dressing. 

– They have poor personal hygiene, or you can smell an unpleasant body odour because they no longer bath frequently or they fail to clean themselves properly. 

– They have poor oral hygiene, untrimmed nail, unkempt hair, or other poor personal care. 

– They experience a change in mobility, and you notice marks, wounds, and bruises on their body. Before hiring a brukerstyrt personlig assistent check with their doctor because some medicine causes the body to bruise easier and they may not fail to move or experience a change in mobility, but be more sensitive to getting in contact with surfaces.   

– They have burns on their skin as a result of cooking. 

They show changes in their mental status and behaviour

Try to find out if your parents experience changes in their behaviour that can point out a need for assistance. 

– Do they show a lack of motivation or drive?

– Have they lost their interest in the activities they liked and favourite hobbies?

– Do they find it difficult to track time?

– Do they experience extreme mood swings?

– Do they fail to return your calls?

– Do they experience a change in sleep patterns?

– Are they physically or verbally abusive?

If you believe your parents are showing any of the above signs, you should speak with them about their care needs and convince them they need assistance. It’s best to discuss the options in time to give them time to accommodate the idea of working with a home nurse. 



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