Humans vs robots – Progress or end of humanity? – Will AI Replace Workers?

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September 25, 2018
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In 2017, it has been predicted that Artificial Intelligence will eliminate 9% of US jobs in 2018. By 2025, we would lose around 22.7 million US jobs. This equates to a job loss of 16% from 2015 to 2025. We have already experienced white-collar automation as there has been a shift from manual to automated IT and data management. However, you do have to remember that our future isn’t as gloomy as you may think. Whilst it will get rid of some jobs, it will create entire new job categories, and it will transform the current jobs.

In order to understand the predictions, we must understand the nature of the jobs. It has been predicted that we would have driverless cars by 2020. Thus, taxi drivers wouldn’t be needed. Office support, construction, and production will also be affected because robots will end up being more accurate and will take less time off.

13.6 million Jobs Created

AI will create 13.6 million jobs in automation. Without AI, these jobs wouldn’t exist. These jobs will involve software, engineering, design, and training. When talking about 2018, we will see a job loss of 9% but we will experience 2% growth in jobs that support the automation economy. Robots cannot do everything, thus those that work in the back-office, administrative, sales and call-center will be protected. No robot can pick up the phone and have a supportive conversation with a customer. Speaking about the well-being of the society, you will find that AI will create a need for new skills. Thus, humans will be able to develop as well. Thus, humanity will not end, we will progress to become the best people we can be.

When regarding the automation sector, robots will not rob people of their jobs. In fact, it gives people the time to improve their knowledge. For example, a car factory will do much better if the robots piece together the car parts whilst humans take care, of the accounts, customer service and negotiations. AI and humans need to work in perfect balance, in order to move forward.

Robots Do Not Work Without Humans

Whilst robot are innovative and they bring the future we pictured closer, they lack in the most important areas. Their virtual brains are aimless and will do only function the way we set them to. The specific instructions will be followed accordingly. For example, take into consideration the most revolutionary robot. Flippy is the first burger-making robot. Whilst it has increased the restaurant’s sales, the robot can only flip burgers. That’s it. It needs a human to put the burger patties on the grill and to add any additional ingredients.

We are currently facing AI robots emerging in the customer support space that can address high-urgency situations, fast and efficiently. However, they are completely useless when it comes to high-emotion scenarios. No matter how smart the robot is, it can’t act as a human or replicate human empathy. It’s important for businesses to understand that a human needs to speak to a human if they want a concern to be resolved.

Nonetheless, ona e must understand that the only way to survive on the job market whilst AI is progressing, is to have thorough knowledge of this industry. More and more jobs require people to know how to work with or alongside Artificial Intelligence. In order for companies to stay on top of the competitors, they have to form partnerships with the industries that provide smart robots and the use of AI.

Robots Serve Us

The majority of these robots have been produced to help us. They are able to do some jobs around the house. With some you can get the floor squeaky clean whilst you’re watching your favorite movie. If you have a lot of dishes to be washed, a dishwasher machine will get them as clean as when you have purchased it. A robotic lawn mower will cut the grass exactly how you want it to whilst you are peacefully sleeping. Thus, you can sleep for longer in the weekend. Can your current old lawn mower do this?

In addition to this, if you are constantly late to work because you hit the snooze button in the morning, there’s a wheeled robot which will let you tackle this problem. If you do not get up when you have set the alarm, it will start traveling around the room whilst ringing. It will not stop until you get up to turn it off.

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