Increasing the efficiency of your wood stove

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June 16, 2018
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Approximately 10 per cent of UK homes have a wood stove. It seems that these types of heating systems enjoy great success among the Brits. Why is that? Besides the fact that wood stoves keep the electric bill down, they provide cosy warmth. If you’re like everyone else, then just like everyone else, you have a wood-burning stove in your home. Are you curious how you can use the wood stove efficiently and effectively? Sure, you are. Keep on reading to find out what you can do to increase the efficacy of the log burner.

Upgrade to a new model

Winter isn’t around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you should waste time. If you have an old wood stove, have it replaced immediately. What you need is a modern heating system. Cast iron wood stoves are popular right now and for good reason. These heaters are certified and approved as being eco-friendly. They produce lesser amounts of smoke and allow the logs to burn completely. It’s important not to forget about the beauty of the casting. Cast iron wood stoves are incredibly beautiful and they can be incorporated into any décor. Don’t you want one for yourself?

Put the wood stove in the centre of the home  

When it comes to placing a heater in the house, there are good and bad locations. You should never ever install a wood stove next to the window or any kind of object. Put the heating appliance in the centre of the home. This way, the pipes are maintained at room temperature and there is less burden on the stove. If you place the wood stove too close to the window, the heat will cause the glass to break. Or it can escape from the home. Centre the heater close to the middle of the room so as to maximise ambient heat.

Burn the right kind of wood

Do you burn green wood? Or softwood? If the answer is yes, then don’t be surprised that the log burner isn’t working properly. Cast iron wood burning stoves are great, but if you use the wrong kind of wood, the results are not the ones desired. What is the best wood for a fireplace? Oak, maple, and birch are good options. These types of wood produce a slow-burning fire that lasts for hours at an end. They provide more energy than softwood. Softwood should only be used for starting the fire. Unseasoned wood isn’t a good choice. It contains a lot of moisture, causing the fire to smoke. Buy only seasoned wood.

Install a fireplace insert

Consider installing a fireplace insert. This is practically a box that is surrounded by steel or cast iron and that creates a closed combustion system. If you have a cast iron wood stove, even better. If you don’t, then get an insert. All the heat will be trapped inside the appliance and it will radiate into the home. when it’s properly installed, the insert works wonders.

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