Is a Sound Machine a Good Addition for the Nursery?

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February 13, 2015

Any parent of a newborn baby wants for their small one to have the perfect environment in which to grow in, and making sure that the fragile baby is being raised in the best circumstances possible is everything that matters. A good night’s sleep is more important for babies than it is for us, and because they tend to wake up crying in the middle of the night for no reason, something must be done for them to fall back asleep rapidly. The sound machine has been proven to be very efficient at calming down crying and agitated babies, at covering background noises, and at helping them fall asleep easier and in a pleasant way.

Types of sounds

There are two types of sound machines depending on the type of noise they produce, which can either be white noise machines, or normal sound machines. No matter which of the two you choose, they are both ideal for the nursery. The white noise machine produces white noise, which is essentially static, and it’s great to mask irregular background noises which may wake the baby up. If you read some white noise machine reviews, you will see that these devices have standard features and they are very cheap, so buying one shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, the sound machine plays nature sound and songs to make the small one have a pleasant and disrupted sleep, being a more friendly option to take.

Are they efficient?

The baby is used to hearing sounds, because for the nine months it stood in the womb it heard different noises like the mother’s heart beat, or the gurgle of the mother’s digestive system, therefore don’t be worried about using a sound machine, because it’s a pleasant change of sounds for the baby. Babies are a lot more jumpy than us, being easier to wake up than we are, and by using a sound machine you provide the baby with a pleasant sleep which won’t be disrupted by background noises that might scare him.

Which is the best sound machine for the nursery?

While it’s true that they are all efficient, when you buy a sound machine for the nursery it’s better to go with a model that has a friendly design. Our advice for you when you go shopping for a sound machine to place in the nursery is to go with a stuffed animal sound machine, which is basically a sound machine encased in a stuffed animal. It’s ideal for the nursery, because while the baby is awake it can hug and snuggle it, and while the baby is asleep, it will produce soothing sounds. These sound machines are a lot more pleasant than the normal hard plastic variety, which are ugly. In addition, you can remove the sound machine from the stuffed toy whenever you want to wash it, therefore you don’t have to worry about the little stuffed toy getting dirty.

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