Keep your kids safe during the hot season

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July 26, 2018
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As a mother, your kids’ safety is one of the most important aspect for you. Kids require you to pay a lot of attention to them all the time because they are sensitive and they do not know how to take care of themselves. However, during the hot weather season you need to consider some more aspects in the daily care routine in order to make sure that you protect your kids from the hot burning sun, bugs, allergies etc. Here is the list with the dos and don’ts that you have to know about for your kids to enjoy the longer playday without any bad experience:

·        Sunscreen and hat

You know that your kid is going to rush out the door to play outside the moment he or she wakes up, but before you agree with that, make sure that you apply sunscreen on their skin to avoid a sunburn that is going to be so unpleasant for both of you. During summer sun rays are burning way too hot for your children’ skin so make sure you keep the sunscreen in your bag all the time.  Also, if you do not want your kid to get a heatstroke, make sure they wear a hat every time they go outside to avoid the awful symptoms that are going to keep them in the bed for few days.

·        Prevent dehydration

The hot season brings a lot of energy from your children, this means running, playing and many activities that will make them sweat substantially. You have to be very careful so that your kids do not get dehydrated, pay attention to the symptoms that can be dry mouth and lips, dizziness, headache and irritability and always give them a lot of water to drink even if they do not feel thirsty.

·        Watch out for bugs

Bugs are extremely annoying for everyone during summer, so, some great advice for mothers with young children during this hot spell, if you do not want you kid to suffer because of them take some precautionary measures. Use sprays on your child’s skin to keep the bugs away from them and always have an antibiotic cream for the insect’s bites and scratches.

·        Do not leave them in the car

You might think that leaving your kids in the car for a few minutes until you buy some groceries is not going to be harmful, but during summer the car becomes a sauna and a child’s body is heating up three times faster than an adult. Keep your kids away from such a danger and never leave them alone in the car.

·        Prepare healthier food

During summer, fresh products like fruits and vegetables are so easy to find every time and everywhere so use them to prepare the food for your kids for more vitamins and a boost of energy. Avoid giving your kids heavy food like meat and barbeques to eat because the hot weather is going to make their stomach get an unpleasant feeling. Go for salads, fish, cereals and a lot of fruits that contain a lot of water such as the watermelon.

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