Keep Your Seniors Healthy by Installing a Stair Lift in Their Home

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September 23, 2015
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As time passes, people start losing some of the skills that help them lead a safe and comfortable life and some of those skills are mobility and balance. This is due to the aging of their body which is becoming weaker and more prone to diseases and injuries. Living on their own and having to climb stairs every day can worsen the health condition of seniors, so you can consider installing a stair lift in their home in order to keep them safe.

Eliminate the risk of falling

The biggest risk about having stairs at home is of falling, which can lead to serious injuries and even death as studies show. Seniors, in particular, have difficulties in maintaining balance and they often trip, stumble, and fall down the stairs. The stair lift can eliminate the risk of falling down the stairs as it secures the person it transports during the entire journey, without any risk of falling midway. The safety belts it includes make sure that whoever is using it will be safely transported up and down the stairs without any risk of accidents.

Protect their bones and joints

Old people start having troubles with their bones and joints because they start losing essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in their bodies as they get old. These lacks of important elements lead to poor bones and joints that are no longer able to work properly during movement. Every time seniors step on stairs, they force their bones and their joints like knees and ankles to support their entire body weight. This causes the already poor bones and joints to become even weaker as time passes, leading to severe diseases and even immobility. Installing a stair lift in their home can help your seniors protect their bones and joints as they will no longer have to force their body to go up and down the stairs.

Keep their heart safe

Seniors should avoid physical exertion that could endanger their heart because they are no longer able to resists to high effort. Any type of exercising considered more straining than the usual, including climbing the stairs, can pose a risk to the safety of the hearts of seniors. Therefore, installing a stair lift in their home is an essential step in protecting their hearts by limiting their daily physical effort. The stair lift can become a real life saver especially if the senior is suffering from chronic heart diseases or has had incidents in the past.

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