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May 16, 2018
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For those who run businesses, it may be quite difficult to organise a meeting with their clients, because they do not know how to communicate with their customers. It is not easy to work with people, especially when you sell something, because people have different opinions and requirements, and it is quite difficult to satisfy all of your customers. But a client meeting has the role to help you understand how you can change your products and services in order to meet the market’s requirements. The first thing you should know when you plan to meet your clients, is that this event is about them, and not about you or your company. You may want to use this occasion to tell them the cool stuff they will benefit of if they will choose your brand, but it is advisable to first listen to what they have to say, and then present them what changes you want to bring to your brand.

Decide the purpose and length of the meeting

When you decide to organise an event where you will meet your clients, it is important to inform them from the beginning what the length of the event will be. Also, you should state what the purpose of the event is, because they have to know that if they will come they will have the possibility to share you their thoughts regarding your products. You can check the example of suppliers meet hotel buyers events and see how they planned the event.

Do research for the meeting

You have to make sure that you will know to answer to your clients’ questions, because they expect you to come prepared to the meeting. If you want to impress them you should show up with more than they expect, you should offer them complete information about your products and services. If you do not know how to get ready for the event, then you should hire a company like DP Business Events, because they can help you plan the meeting.

Offer your clients the possibility to talk

The majority of business representatives dominate the conversations with their clients, when they establish meetings, because they want to show them what they have accomplished. But if you want to impress them, then you should give them the possibility to talk. Talk with your staff, and tell them that the purpose of this event is them to talk only 30-35% of the time, and offer the clients the possibility to express themselves.

Give a summary of the actions of the company

It does not matter what the purpose of the meeting is, it is important to come prepared, and offer your clients information of the past, present and future of the business. They will definitely want to know what you accomplished, and what your goals for the future are. When they ask you a question, make sure to argument your responses with examples from the company. In this way you will show them that you are willing to collaborate with them in order to improve the quality of the services you offer.



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