Kitchen Utensils & Tools – Every Home Cook Needs

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May 17, 2018
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Inaugurating a new kitchen, passionate cook or just a beginner? It does not matter which one of these, but when talking about cooking every home cook should own their kit of tools. Who said that fast cooking is not possible or that we cannot make it become possible? You just need the perfect and right tools to do it. As mentioned above, even though you are not a chef, it does not matter at all because you can create your perfect personal cooking area with all the suitable instruments. There are some elements that cannot miss from a kitchen and that can undoubtedly ease your cooking. Here is a list with the needed items in a kitchen and some information about them.

A knife-set

Cutlery is maybe one of the most elements from everyone’s cookhouse. What can we do without some good knives? The must haves from this category are: the cook’s knife (or the multi-purpose knife), the bread knife, the vegetables knife (or paring knife), and the serrated knife. With these we can surely admit that your activity in kitchen will be eased. As mentioned above, knives can truly make the difference when cooking. They can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel or ceramic. The stainless steel ones are the cheapest but they can get pointless rapidly, the carbon steel are more expensive but they are easier to maintain them sharp, and finally, the ones with a ceramic blade may the best because they do not rust and do not need to be sharpened. No matter what is your final choice, but a knife set is essential for everyone.

A chopping and cutting board

After we have discussed about knives, a cutting board is obviously needed. There are different types of cutting boards, it is just about your needs and wishes. For instance, you can purchase a nice wooden one if the design is a priority, but if you want performance, it is recommended to choose a heavy-duty plastic board that can last longer and have great durability. More than this, forget about the tiny board that does not do anything than bothering you when cooking and not being helpful at all. Our recommendation regarding this item is to choose a durable one with rubber handles and you will not be disappointed of it.

A set of mixing bowls

Yes, even though it sounds unimportant, they really are. It is important to have a set of mixing bowls and it is recommended to use those made of metal or glass because they are better than those made of plastic. These ones will not retain stains and odors and will help you mix all your favorite ingredients for the perfect recipe. They can be multi-purpose so you can use them for salads, sauces, marinades and even also to store the leftovers. The bowls are also a good way to organize your things and to keep them arranged.

A non-stick pan

This pan may be the perfect item in everyone’s cuisine because you can fry things without getting them stick. This pan is perfect for omelette and scrambled eggs and it is also suitable for pancakes. It is a modern pan due to its non-sticky surface that allows you cooking many types of food. Some of the most important benefits of this pan are that it is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, so it is the perfect investment even more that it can last some years.

The Dutch oven

Another essential element from a cook’s room is the Dutch oven, it is perfect for stews and soups. This pan can be placed in the oven or on the stove so you can toast the meat and then slowly cook it for hours in a low oven. Roasts and stews will be juicier and tastier due to that pan. More than this, it is perfect for pasta, deep-frying and baking bread. The oven can be used as an substitute to the sauce pan. Regarding its cost, it is a little expensive but it is worthy, useful and has a great quantity so if you have a big family this is the perfect pot to cook in.

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