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April 2, 2016
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Nowadays, technology has reached a point where almost anything is possible. Experts have all the means to develop new strategies, new gadgets seem to appear overnight and a huge percent of the world wide population owns at least one automated device, be it a cell phone or a personal computer. While using smart phones has become extremely popular in the past years, there are also even more innovative technologies and gadgets not everybody knows about. These combine all the features of a modern device: they are stylish, they have a neat design and they also encompass all the capabilities of a traditional object. Those who are passionate about technology are always up to date with the latest innovations, but for ordinary people, the following items will seem innovative and actually futuristic. Here are some examples of things you need to start using, right away:

Levitating speakers

Floating speakers are one of the most objects as far as technology is concerned. The device is made of two main parts: the one standing on a flat surface (be it a desk or other piece of furniture) and the one that is just levitating above it. The gadget is based on magnetic technology and can be connected to almost any mobile device, such as a laptop, smart phone or computer, via Bluetooth. If you are thinking about purchasing one, keep in mind that you should visit a dedicated online platform, such as, offering relevant information about several models. Compare and contrast, then choose the item that suits you best. These portable speakers are a great asset for those who travel a lot and like futuristic products as much as they enjoy technological performance. Although some say it is all about the looks, these floating speakers will offer you the same sound quality as a traditional type of gadget.

Self-balancing scooters

These objects have become extremely popular lately, especially since there are plenty of celebrities advertising them. They are made of a flat platform where you can place your feet and two wheels, one at each end, that enable you to move smoothly, without any effort. All you have to do is keep your balance and direct the device according to where you are planning to go. Extremely colorful, with a futuristic design and great performance, these cool machines are a perfect alternative to traditional transportation means.

Portable charger

Although this may not be exactly the newest device, it seems that it is one of the most popular. It answers perfectly users’ need for mobility and flexibility, which is why more and more electronic manufacturers have started to create such devices. You can use it to charge various other gadgets, among which the most common one is definitely the mobile phone. Of course, you cannot actually charge a laptop with a portable tool, but it works perfectly for smaller batteries and short trips. In case of an emergency, you can always rely on this performing machine.


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