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Cleaning the floors usually implies using a vacuum cleaner that can do a good job, but requires your help and turns out to be a tiresome chore. You can replace the vacuum cleaner with a robotic vacuum and you will limit the effort in cleaning the floors. The robot vacuum is a great way to make your life easier thanks to all the advantages it includes, advantages that we present below.

  • When using a regular vacuum cleaner, you have to maneuver it around the house and it’s very difficult to reach narrow places. The low design enables the robot vacuum to get underneath the beds and other pieces of furniture easily and without you have to get down on your knees. It can reach the back corners and behind furniture and curtains so you won’t have to stretch your hands so you can collect the dirt from a narrow area.
  • The best part in using a robot vacuum is the battery that operates it and that can last up to 3 hours without you having to recharge it. Opt for a model with a base-returning feature that brings the device back to the recharging base once the battery is done so you won’t need to grab and recharge it to have it ready for the next vacuuming session. In order to see which cleaners have the most durable batteries, read some robot vacuum reviews on
  • A robot vacuum with a programmable timer is the ultimate help for an effortless and comfortable life. This feature allows you to schedule the device to start at a certain time you set so it will clean the floors by the time you get home or finish other chores. The timer is one of the best features of the robot vacuum that increases its functionality and convenience.
  • The robot vacuum knows how to clean the floors by creating a map of the surroundings so it will know where it has already cleaned and where it needs to clean. The navigation system it is equipped with allows it to scan the surroundings and to detect potential obstacles like furniture or doorsteps so it won’t stumble in them.
  • Not only a robot vacuum can scan the floors and know where to clean, but it can also go from one room to another without your assistance or it can avoid vacuuming certain rooms. For this, it uses a virtual wall, which is a device that you place at the entrance in a room and that sends signals to the robot vacuum. This way, it will know which rooms are forbidden and which are the next to clean.

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