Making your home more child-friendly

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January 24, 2019
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Making a house kid-friendly is more than just following a strict baby proofing checklist. Your home might already be a safe place for your kids to walk around and play, but is it an environment that actually shows there are children living there? It’s important for your interior design to have those kid-inspired characteristics that will make the household a more welcoming one for your little ones, and at the same time, a happy and colourful place. There are some ideas you should consider looking over, and these are:

Bring a bit of nature indoors

Adding more plants to your interior design is not only beneficial from a health point of view, being a great source of oxygen, but will also have quite a powerful impact on your children’s mood. It has been pointed out by researchers that having a few potted plants around the household premises can positively impact a child’s mind, so this is one of the things you can easily do. At pink mole, you can find great décor suggestions that include natural elements.

Create a playroom – a kids-only space

If you have a spare room in your house, or at least a spacious living room, use it to put together an area that your children can enjoy to the fullest. A kids-only area should be part of any household with children, and it’s not that difficult to create. Bring in toys that are appropriate for their age, paint the walls in vibrant colour shades, and think about incorporating a few other features that might contribute to how much they enjoy their playroom. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make your little ones feel important, and having their separate zone can help you do that. From bean bags to colouring books, add elements that you know your loved ones will enjoy to the fullest.

Get them involved into decorating

Whether it’s displaying a doodle they have drawn on one of the living room walls, or asking them to help you pick out cushions for the sofa, once your kids are old enough to have ideas, you should get them involved in decorating. Some fun results might come out of it.

Add some silly features here and there

Is your interior design really showing you have kids? If not, you should start adding a few silly decorations and upgrade the premises to more colourful characteristics. Whether it’s a carpet that resembles a cartoon, funny pictures hanged on the wall or wallpapers that feature silly images, try to bring a few elements into your household that will make the environment have that amusing feel to it.

These are the things you should look into, if you are interested in making your home environment a more appropriate one for kids. There are plenty of great ideas that can be discussed on the matter, but these suggestions can provide you with the results you desire. Although it might take some time and effort, managing to give your household the kid-friendly characteristics it currently lacks can be more important than you think. Think more about these few tips, and consider giving them a try for yourself.

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