Men’s fashion: confusing dress codes explained

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April 30, 2018
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Most people associate the words “dress code” with formal events and workplace rules, but even though certain jobs do come with different levels of strictness in what concerns attire and some people hosting social events do specify on the invitation the type of outfit guests should wear, these are not the only situations that compel you to master the seemingly confusing dress codes. It does not matter if you attend a wedding, a party, a business meeting, go on vacation or enjoy some evening drinks at the nearest bar with friends, mixing and matching clothes appropriately for each occasion is very important. Some people believe that dress codes limit your self-expression freedom, but they actually bring multiple benefits for society. For instance, a clean and well put-together appearance can help businesses build a good reputation and exude professionalism. Moreover, in schools dress codes have the role of encouraging equality among pupils and students. More importantly, observing dress code rules proves that you are a disciplined individual with a keen eye for style.

Understanding the basics of dress codes

Moving on to the main topic of interest, men have to acquire some deep knowledge in relation to the numerous dress codes established over time, from casual to white tie. If you do not know how to combine and where to wear merino t-shirts, when to go with a necktie instead of a bow tie or how to create contrast, then keep reading the article in order to find the answer to these questions. In fact, we are going to simplify the explanations as much as possible so that you do not encounter difficulties understanding the basics of each dress code. Starting with casual, dark fitted jeans are the most suitable for the bottom making an ideal combination with a polo shirt. You can even throw a Merino wool jumper in the evening if you consider necessary. As for the footwear, you can choose between smart trainers, desert boots or deck shoes. Do not over-dress because the main idea is to feel comfortable.

Men’s dress codes made simple

Smart casual can be formal in the office and informal when going out with friends. In order to pull off this style, you need to explore Hardvark Merino Clothing in order to gather the essentials, which include a casual shirt with stripes, pleated chinos or tailored jeans, blazer or tweed jacket and loafers or monk shoes. In the corporate field, most people opt for a lounge suit, which consists in matching jacket and trousers, both in a dark color. More specifically, you can combine a two-piece suit, plain, light color shirt, leather belt, conservative tie and Derby or Oxford shoes. Black tie is a whole other story; it requires white dress shirt and black dress trousers, black tuxedo jacket, hand-tied bow tie, decorative studs, cufflinks and leather Oxford shoes. As for white tie, you must opt for a minimally decorated white dress shirt, black dress trousers that fit well, tailcoat jacket, white, thin bow-tie, single or double breasted waistcoat, cufflinks and formal pumps or leather shoes.


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