Methods to calm down a forever-energized dog

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December 5, 2018
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Your dog can’t seem to find his peace? He is always running around and reacting to everything that surrounds him? This means that your dog is more energized that he should. There are various reasons behind his never-ending energy, from his bubbly personality to his breed or even the food you feed him, every tiny detail can influence how active he is. Luckily, there are a few methods that you can apply to calm him down during important moments such as vet visits, long road trips, thunderstorms, plane rides and so on. Here’s what you should know:

CBD-infused treats

Have you ever heard about CBD? It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid made from natural hemp that can calm your dog down in rough moments. If you buy CBD-infused dog treats and give some to your dog before events that agitate him. These treats usually contain other natural plants that have positive effects on your dog’s health and behavior. For instance, passion flower reduces the level of stress, while valerian root reduces anxiety in dogs. Chamomile has the same effect on dogs as it has on humans: it makes the dog sleepy, by soothing his nerves. It is also good for digestive distress. The CBD isolate in which treats are infused has strong anti-anxiety properties. Click here to learn more about such treats.

Redirect the dog’s energy

Through exercise, you can positively redirect the energy that your dog has. Basically, taking your dog on long, tiring walks will keep him relaxed and sleepy at home or in other places where he needs to behave. If you own a backyard, giving your dog the chance to run around will redirect the huge amount of energy he has. Playing fetch and visiting the local dog park, as long as your dog can behave around other pets, are also appropriate activities to engage in. In case you’re at work for the most part of the day, take your dog to a daycare center. Dog daycare providers usually include all sorts of activities in the pets’ schedule.

Use toys

Buying a lot of toys and giving them to your dogs will keep him distracted for most of the time. The more interesting the toys, the higher the chances that your dog will play with them all day. Variety is the key, so each time your dog seems to be tired of his old dogs, go ahead and buy new ones. You can donate or sell his old toys to a dog daycare center or similar centers. Include both larger toys and simple chew toys in his collection, especially if your dog tends to chew on items that he shouldn’t.  

Be calm yourself

Dogs can feel if you are agitated and they will simply mirror your behavior. Try to stay calm around your dog and avoid reactions when he acts inappropriately. This will make the dog calm down faster, and he should get used with this behavior in the future. Projecting your positive energy on your dog will have great effects on his behavior.

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