Organic Bamboo vs Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

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September 4, 2017
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When it comes to choosing the sheets for your bedroom, no expense and effort should be spared in the pursuit for the most qualitative fabrics. The linens must be soft, delicate, moisture absorbent, and airy so that no harmful allergens will thrive inside the fibers. According to these qualities, the two best options are Egyptian cotton and organic bamboo, the first one being a veteran in the industry while the second gaining more and more popularity. To learn which of the two is the best, you need to pay attention to how each type of fabric is being obtained and how well the sheets are manufactured.

The ultimate luxury

Since ancient times, the rich and royalties preferred cotton for their linens because it was a symbol of wealth and luxury. Egyptian cotton has been a benchmark for comfort, softness, and moisture wicking. It’s the fabric that yields the best throughout a sweaty night and it is the best choice for allergy sufferers who need a clean and breathing sleeping environment. However, the way cotton is being harvested is not the safest method because many pesticides are being used to bring this plant up.

Organic bamboo, the new Egyptian cotton

Lately, a new type of material is being used for creating the softest and most delicate sheets that provide the highest level of pampering. Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly plant that can be harvested without affecting nature, which is the main reason that makes it so sought after. It doesn’t require any pesticides to grow so it’s one of the cleanest and healthiest plants used for creating a fabric. This quality makes it very different from cotton that is actually one of the dirtiest plants grown with huge amounts of pesticides. The manufacturing process makes bamboo 10 times softer than silk and cotton meaning the bamboo sheets are far superior to other types of sheets.

Differences between the two types

    • As said before, bamboo is more Eco-friendly than cotton because it’s sustainable and it doesn’t contain pesticides that alter the cleanliness of the fibers. Although many believe it’s a wood, bamboo is actually a grass that grows ten times faster than cotton and requires 20 times less water. The bamboo plant grows very fast and cutting it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment so it’s even more convenient than cotton that takes years to grow and be harvested.
    • Another significant difference is in the softness of the two materials. Although Egyptian cotton is known as the most delicate fiber used for creating sheets, you must know that there are three different types available and it takes a connoisseur’s eye to tell which is the best. Aside from the Egyptian type, you can also find Pima cotton and American cotton that are more affordable and used more frequently. Bamboo also comes in various types that include Bamboo from rayon or viscose, Tencel bamboo, and bamboo linen. It’s said that all three types are highly qualitative and the sheets obtained from either one is softer than the less expensive types of cotton.
    • A sign that your sheets are of the highest quality is their ability to adjust their temperature according to the ambiance in the bedroom and to maintain you dry and cozy. When it comes to moisture wicking, bamboo also scores some points because it’s more porous and breathable than cotton. The threads allow the air to circulate so that moisture doesn’t remain stuck in the material. Given that bamboo is naturally three degrees lower in temperature, you will wake up feeling less sweaty and you won’t feel the sheets getting hot beneath you.
    • Right after the mattress, the sheets are the favorite developing spot for allergens and bacteria. Luckily, bamboo is a natural anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial type of fabric that can repel and eliminate germs, dust mites, and odor-causing bacteria that can trigger allergies and breathing problems. Bamboo is, in fact, the highest naturally-disinfected fabric that is suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema or rashes.
  • You are likely to wash your sheets more often than you wash other items in your house like curtains or carpets. This is a great thing because it means they will remain clean but it could be worrying when it comes to the durability of the fabric. Intense washing at high temperatures and with tumble dry cycles might affect the way the sheets will look after a few months of use but this is not the case with bamboo bedding. The fibers are so strong that they won’t sag over time and repeated washing doesn’t make them wrinkled and worn out. However, cotton sheets also resist very well to repeated washing and they maintain their shape and soft texture even after extended use.

As a final thought, we recommend the bamboo sheets because they are softer and will last longer than the ones made of Egyptian cotton. They also come at more affordable prices without sacrificing quality and the offer is so vast that you can find any size and color you wish for your bedroom.

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