Personal injury case: seeking compensation due to negligence

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April 2, 2018
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Whether we are talking about a car or motorcycle accident, slip-and-fall or medical malpractice, the victim suffers physical and emotional injuries, apart from monetary losses, because of someone else’s negligence. Legally, that person has the right to claim compensation for ending up in such a difficult circumstance. Since the only fault of the victim was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the other party has the responsibility to cover at least the money spent on medical bills and compensate the victim for the lost wages. An incident or an injury can happen anytime, anywhere, so the victim could not have possibility predicted the danger. In fact, since a part of these accidents sometimes result in permanent debilitation or even death, in this case, the person affected should be thankful for being alive and having the chance to seek justice. Of course, the process might prove to be daunting, but with an excellently educated and experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, at least she can win the case.

After receiving medical care, the victim must hire a lawyer

The reality is that before even going to trial, the victim must receive medical attention and take advantage of the time spent in the hospital to collect her thoughts. Taking clear photographs of visible injuries will be extremely helpful in court because it will represent a strong evidence of the physical suffering caused by the other party. Furthermore, initiating a selection process for hiring a competent attorney, who knows exactly how to use that evidence, question he witnesses, if any and persuading the judge to decide in the victim’s favor. Even if the injuries do not seem severe at first sight, undergoing a thorough examination might reveal a hidden concussion or whiplash. The fact that the sufferer had to see a doctor immediately after the accident sometimes helps shutting down the insurance company’s attempts of not covering the expenses. The victim must be explicit when describing the symptoms and injuries because every single detail matters. Denying emergency care is a terrible mistake because it not only gives the insurance company a good reason not to pay the money, but also damages the claim.

The attorney will gather every piece of information available for the trial

Of course, if the victim hires a legal professional early in the process, he will advise her correctly with regard to these crucial aspects. Moreover, he will impede the insurance company to rip her off, from a financial point of view because they will try to offer a settlement that does not benefit the victim. Discussing with the attorney the fee and the timeframe of the process is equally important. Soon, the lawyer will be able to do what he does best: investigate the medical records and the claim. Even if some pieces of information will seem irrelevant during the gathering of evidence, everything will change in court because the lawyer must provide an answer for any possible question and make a question for every dubious confession.

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