Practical Kitchen Appliance Placement Ideas

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May 2, 2015
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The kitchen can be a very chaotic place, especially if everything in it isn’t well organized. Having a messy arrangement in the kitchen can lead to serious problems when you are cooking, especially if you can’t get from one appliance to the other in time for the food to be done perfectly.
To avoid unpleasant incidents, it’s better to have an organized and logical placement of your kitchen appliances, this way finding what you need easily, and having to make less effort because you won’t be running around wondering where a certain appliance is hidden.
If you want to arrange your kitchen appliances in an organized way, you should read the following lines and follow the advice given in them to have a clear path when you cook.

Sort the appliances by their use

It’s extremely important to sort the appliances by their use, because you want easy and fast access to those appliances which you know you will most probably use on a daily basis.
For example, the best position for the microwave oven is above your stove, therefore you should go with an over-the-range microwave which you will integrate in the space above the stove for easy access. By doing this, you won’t only make it more convenient for you to use it, but you will ensure that certain family members, like the children, won’t be able to use it and accidentally get injured.
The bread maker is another appliance that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. If you take a look at some bread machine reviews on, you will see that these devices are very complex and can be used to prepare more than just bread. Even so, few people use them on a daily basis, so you should place it at the back of a counter, freeing up the space for you to use when you chop different vegetables or do various other activities.

Arrange them by following a pattern

If you follow a pattern when you arrange the appliances, you make it easier for you when you cook certain foods and you need to use more of them.
The best pattern to follow in any kitchen is definitely the triangle. The triangle pattern means to position the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink in a triangle to have better movement from one to the other.
Follow the same pattern when it comes to appliances as well, placing those that you will use together in this position.
The triangle placement will save you a lot of time, and by organizing the appliances in this manner, you will be able to walk from one appliance to the other blind folded after a while.
This is extremely important, because when you cook certain foods that make you move around fast to have a perfect result, having everything at your reach and knowing exactly how they are positioned gives you the upper hand.

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